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limescale remover

Posted by twiceasclean (twiceasclean), 15 October 2003
hi, i wondered if anyone could give me any tips on removing limescale off old ceramic urinal, i dont want to damage the surface so a bit scared of using anything without asking someone in the know! any help would be much appreciated, thanks
Posted by Fox (Fox), 15 October 2003
Seldon Research do a great product called ACT, although you can't buy it direct as they will not sell to end users, you should be able to find a supplier near you.
Posted by petra (petra), 15 October 2003
There is a great product called Stainless Steel descale and it is excellent for urinals and toilets. All you do is apply leave for ten mins the use a scourer or brush....and rinses away...sometimes two to three applications are needed.
Posted by heritagecleaning (heritagecleaning), 15 October 2003
Before you go looking for something elusive, try a regular toilet limescale reover like Harpic or similar.


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