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Starting a window cleaning business - Equipment you need, suppliers to use and trade organisations to join, etc.

New to the forum & W/C

Posted by james1 (james1), 18 March 2004
Hi im James from Hampshire, I am 23 years old and I am in the process of starting my own one-man-band window cleaning business. I am planning to set up with 1 million pound public liability insurance, I am going to advertise around my local area with shop window adverts + free vista-print cards (will be delivered soon). these cards will be used to post through local doors.

I am currenly trying to get all my equipment together and I would really appreciate your advice on a particular complete window cleaning set that I have found:

Any advice on what other equipment or liquids you would recommend would be excellent and very helpful. A list of things that I would need to get going would be great.

In case you're wondering I only have experience cleaning my own house and various other relatives houses.

Great forum by the way!


Thanks in advance

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 18 March 2004
check out all the old posts we have covered most topics. there is a wealth of information out there if not just ask.
you will also find lots of supliers we all have out favourite.
Posted by no_water_no_wet (no_water_no_wet), 19 March 2004
Hi James

i supply car valeting companies with a waterless product and one thing they say that is brill on glass and windows, i think it would be a great asset to window cleaners everywhere as it cleans the pvc as well.

just imagine not having to use leathers/water/orbuckets
i am happy to be contacted for anyone who wants me to arrange a demonstration for them.

i cover the surrey and surrounding areas and guarantee you will love this product.

No-Water No-Wet
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 19 March 2004
Yeah seen that stuff for sale looks abit to dear for me. 3.40 for 500ml bottle approx.

Now i dont no how much you use and how many windows that cleans but it dont look like it could clean much with that amount, but i might be wrong.

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 19 March 2004
there is a section for selling, read the rules of the forum. yet another post just trying to sell a product and not helping anyone out
Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 20 March 2004
just imagine not having to use leathers/water/orbuckets

Lyn, we appreciate comments and advice from everyone, but you clearly are not a window cleaner, and I would suggest that anyone who thinks window cleaners use "leathers" as their main method, knows little about the business at all.

i think it would be a great asset to window cleaners everywhere as it cleans the pvc as well.

So what? Soap and water cleans the uPVC. So does RO/DI water.  I dont think that is a particular selling point.  

Please remember that this is a discussion forum.  In 5 out of your 6 posts so far you are advertising your product.  Wonderful as it may be, please hush up about it now, otherwise your comments may be removed.

Posted by riz (riz), 20 March 2004
hi james,

the pack looks pretty good, what about cloth's? i have used muslin nappies for years their easily cleaned and available from boots or mothercare!! plus you get god looks of young mums when at the till with twenty packs of traditional nappies in your hands!!

Where in hants r you north or south?

Good luck!!

Posted by james1 (james1), 21 March 2004
Thanks for all your help. Im from south Hampshire.

I know it's a silly question but can someone please tell me when scrim is used for?

What does everyone use to clean the frames after you have sqeegeed the glass? is this what the scrim's for?
Posted by seanc (seanc), 21 March 2004
james please look at private message
Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 21 March 2004
After squeegeeing off the water, there is generally a little water round the edges. A wee wipe round the edge and scrims help you hide your mistakes and take any water from around the edges. They are amazing!
I use an old thick cloth for sills and frames(when customers ask for this)

Always wipe the top edge as drips are such a pain.

Hope all goes well.

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