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Looking for in-house training in the South East

Posted by Natalie_Duffy (Natalie_Duffy), 5 November 2003
Does anyone know if there are any places in London/South East that train in house cleaning?
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 5 November 2003
What type of training you looking for:
Domestic cleaning ?
Letting Agent cleans?
Deep cleans?
Carpet cleaning?

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 5 November 2003
Hi Natalie
Would also help to know the number of staff that need training.
Posted by Natalie_Duffy (Natalie_Duffy), 6 November 2003
I am interested in domestic training and would be starting off with needing 5 trained.  Is their an indutry recognised training certificate?
Posted by petra (petra), 7 November 2003
There are free NVQ Cleaning courses run by Protocol....
Posted by (, 11 November 2003
I don't know if it's what your looking for but my site offers recognised training via 2 companies, PB Training Services and Studies in Work. We have teamed up with them to offer a range of training for school caretakers. Anything from Manual Handling, Swimming Pool care, Portable Appliance Testing, First Aid (4 day), Portable Scafold Tower Errection, Fire and Evacuation to Risk Assessment Awareness.

The good thing is, they can come out to you and train your staff. They are really freindly and helpful and have gained a good reputation throughout the industry. (If you name my site, you'll also get a discount). No harlm in giving them a ring.

I'll not link directly to them (or my site) as that would be unfair on this site. I hope that offers some help!
Posted by petra (petra), 11 November 2003
have you got a web address

Posted by (, 11 November 2003
Yes sure.

My Caretakers Site, PB training Services Ltd and Studies in Work

Both these companies work together with my site and do courses together as well.
The chap you really need to speak to is P.Latham. You can email him at or call him on tel: 01384 826438 mobile: 07815 596760

He's a really helpful chap and can answer any questions you might have. Neither their websites do justice to the work these guys put in though Wink

I don't want to upset the owners of this site, so if you feel I should not have added links admin, please feel free to remove them. I'll understand

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