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Posted by JohnM1 (JohnM1), 6 December 2003
Hi guys

Can anyone give me some phone numbers of company's that do public liability insurance for window cleaners?
Posted by heritage (heritage lee), 7 December 2003
hill house hammond    08709007033
8am  -  8pm
hope it helps

Posted by matt (matt), 7 December 2003
hill house hammond are only a broker though,

i found swinton the best on he high street
Posted by Bryan_Dolby (Bryan_Dolby), 7 December 2003
You should check the federation insurance policy Huh
Check what you are paying for with other policies
Property worked on Huh
If Equipment in the vehicle is covered Huh
Alot of policies are not worth the paper writtern
Fed will give you a a quote if yor a member
or if not phone for information pack

Bryan Dolby

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 7 December 2003
Hi John,
           I would agree with what Bryan says about insurance. I got a cheaper quote than from the federation but dont just compare price look at the cover provided and i ended up insuring through the federation in the end because it provided the best cover which i may be thankfull of one day.

Steve Lowe
Posted by Ken (Ken), 7 December 2003
I use Academy Insurance in Mold(!). Got master tradesman cover with MMA for 68.40.
Posted by higgs (higgs), 7 December 2003

How much liability cover do you get.

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 7 December 2003
Have you tried the internet for a quote HuhI just typed in insurance and up came a list of companys , then you refine it to what you want , most firms have a online facility for getting a quote . Cool
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 8 December 2003
Hi John
          When i was getting quotes back in July last year i did get some really low quotes but if you looked at the small print their public liability did not cover things like the window being worked on so if you accidentaly dropped a ladder through a double glazed unit you were not covered Roll Eyes Also they did not cover equipment on your van Roll Eyes The federation scheme covered both these things Cheesy

Steve Lowe

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