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bio hazard training question

Posted by lynnconnolly (lynnconnolly), 25 August 2003
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows of any training courses dealing with the cleaning of bio hazardous material?

I'm thinking of starting up a 'trauma scene' cleaning business but can't find any info on training for such a thing, so does anyone know of anything that may be useful?

Many thanks,
Posted by Derek (Derek), 25 August 2003
Hi Lynne

The NCCA National Carpet Cleaners Association run courses from time to time on blood borne pathogens

Their telephone number is 0116 2719550

There is also a Certification Board in the USA  who set the various standards for the cleaning and restoration of carpet, upholstery, water damage, fire, also hard floors
another one is..  ascr   also in the, USA specialise in fire and flood restoration, I know some of the guys over there do nothing but trauma work

Posted by lynnconnolly (lynnconnolly), 25 August 2003
Hi Derek, many thanks for your reply, I'll look into those and see what I can find.

I've not found many companies that deal with trauma scene cleaning here in the UK so it's quite difficult to find information about it.

Thanks again,
Posted by Stu (Stu), 26 August 2003
Accrington & Rossendale College do a biohazards awareness course accredited by BICSc

Phone 01254 354168

tell them Stuart sent you Wink
Posted by woodman (woodman), 27 August 2003
Good Idea to get thorough training.

I was only yesterday asked to meet on site loss adjusters at the scene of a murder, where every room in a three bed house had blood splattered on walls,carpets hard floors etc.

Its not something I like to get involved in but having done similar jobs they called me as no one wants to know as I didn't on this occasion.

Once trained contact all your local loss adjusters to let them know you are available and specialising in this type of work.

Good Luck
Posted by Anj (Anj), 28 October 2003

 I have used in the past a product called BIO-MAN 999
you can get it through a company called Priemier Products  you get a full kit including yellow bags and chemical data info... good luck

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