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Posted by MB (MB), 23 October 2003
Hi folks.

Congratulations on the board.

One thing i noitice  first off compared to the "other" carpet cleaners board  Wink

There is none of the "my truckmount is bigger than yours " syndrome and "oh yes I do 30 jobs a week blah blah blah blah"  rubbish.

And look what "new" toy i've just bought "  etc etc etc

I for one will be visiting this board more often .

Keep it up.




Lets keep out the b******ers     lol

PPS  Hi Mike how u doing.

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 23 October 2003
' keep out the bull@h#ers' Its too late your here Grin.

plus mine is bigger than yours

and I charge £5,00 a /yard and sell protector on every job Wink

Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 23 October 2003
G'day from down under.
Board looks good...has Brain Tilton discovered it yet Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Posted by MB (MB), 23 October 2003
Hiya Mike,

Oh b#@$# so I am here hahhaha.

Thats nothing I do 100 jobs a week at £200 per job and i am home by dinnertime  Wink Wink


I buy me self a new t/m every month  lol

Jim, funnily enugh I was alking to another CC last night about this board and I mentioned Mr Tilton and said maybe it shouldnt be a good idea to inform him of this board,  he he

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