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Need advice deep cleaning toilets and kitchens

Posted by Atlantic-Cleaning (Atlantic-Cleaning), 27 December 2003
I have been asked to Deep clean the toilets and the kitchen in a local pub and I need all the advice I can get on the subject as I have never done this before..

Can anyone recommend what chemicals I use were is the best place to purchase these chemicals, and whats the best way to tackle both the Toilets and the Kitchen

Posted by poleman (poleman), 27 December 2003
yes go to your local cleaning suppiers if they are a good one they will tell you which chemicals to use, hope this helps.

fed member
Posted by petra (petra), 27 December 2003
Just remember that it ain,t no easy job.
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 27 December 2003

Go along to suppliers and get pro toilet descaler, limescale remover, scourers, anti bacterial agent, maybe some pineapple chunks to add that professional touch!

you will need the anti-bacterial for the kitchen and some TO4 oven cleaner (excellent kit) and maybe some stainless steel cleaner if it a pub kitchen, don't forget your mop and brushes (oh and a toothbrush for those nooks and crannies)

best of luck


Martin Cool
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 1 January 2004
When i first started out my cleaning biz i to had no idea how to deep clean toilets(here comes the sad part)there was no internet in them days and trying to get advice  from other cleaning companies was  as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike anyway i to had got a pub to clean,then i had a great idea the next large town to where i lived had some disgusting public toilets that needed a good clean so i contacted the council who were helpful but said they already have an contractor to clean units and even though they provided a below standard cleaning service as there was a contract until the end of its term the council could not act(how times have changed) However one sunday morning i decided to venture into town armed with all my cleaning materials and proceeded to clean the toilets the job took me a whole day and left them spottless great job done and felt more confident!! Two months later i was reading the local freebie paper what a suprise the toilets that i cleaned had received the cleanest toilets in town certificate with a picture of a very happy cleaning attendant receiving her prize a bunch of flowers and a £10 gift voucher !!!!!!!!!!! This is true and to this day i enjoy telling others .  I dont know if it would be advisable to do it these days with all the legisations but why not contact a local biz and offer to clean their washrooms for free!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Fox (Fox), 1 January 2004
Hi Catrodney

Your post made me laugh!  I wonder what the attendant thought when she turned up next day to find clean loos!  Then to get an award - ha ha would have loved to be there!

Atlantic - Do you have to do the fryers too?
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 1 January 2004
Hi Fox,
Happy New Year to you and your family !!!,nice to hear from you again did you manage to sort your bath out?
Thanks for enjoying my post,and i too would love to have been there when the lady turned up for work the next day and also when she received her reward,the thing that made it for me was the lady in question i guess was about 60 ish of age and her coment was "i quote"its so nice to be reconised for all the hard work i have put into making these toilets a pleasure for the public to use.  Bless Her !!!!!
Posted by Atlantic-Cleaning (Atlantic-Cleaning), 4 January 2004
Hi Fox

Yes I do have to clean 3 fryers, I have had a little exerience with cleaning fryers as I used to own a Pub with a very small catering Kitchen, but I only done this on a diy basis  Grin  Please believe me when I say I would welcome any advice offerd as I want to do the best job possible for the customer.

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 4 January 2004
Acording to the book How Clean is Your House the best way to clean toilets is to put two false teath cleaning tablets in the loo and leave over night.

Another way they recommend is poor a can of coke into to the loo.

They also say that Fairy Liquid is the best cleaner for just about everything.

Who needs Express Cleaning Supplies ;  Grin  Grin
Posted by Fox (Fox), 7 January 2004
Hi Catrodney
Yes found nice seldon bathroom cleaner just about does the job - still not brill but hey - at least I can now relax with my candles and glass of champange! (I wish)  Grin

I have slated washing up liquid in the past - but only on floor use and not used properly may I add!  Best thing for fryers - but be careful on amounts and make SURE rinse is thorough. Suggest plently of disposable towels - c fold pref but centerfeed more versitile for wipe out.  However bet you already know this as only one way to clean fryers!  - messy way!
(bet you get loads of advice now!)

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