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george software

Posted by mogs (mogs), 18 January 2004
can anyone tell me where i can get george software wot it does & how it can be of benifit to me..
thanks to all
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 18 January 2004
Hi Mogs
           I have used George software for about two years and its the best piece of software i have seen for the window cleaning industry and the support is excellent . Take a look!

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 18 January 2004
Have a look at round pro I think it does the same as George but costs a lot  more
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 19 January 2004
Hi John
          This seems an enormous amount of money for window cleaning software Huh and i cant see anything that it can do that George cant Roll Eyes  Does anyone on the forum use this software Huh

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 19 January 2004
Hi Steve,
I would not think so at that price
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 19 January 2004
It would be interesting to know how many companys they have sold to Huh

Posted by Wishy-Washy_window (Wishy-Washy Windows), 19 January 2004
George is a great bit of software, had mine since Aug 01,

very pleased with it and there has been numeras updates since I purchased mine, backup has been excellant, I would not do without out it now, you can check all manner of things about you business at the click of a mouse.

Worth every penny I would say, also if you sell your business you have a acurate record of your turnover extra.


Posted by simonb (simonb), 19 January 2004
Its no good at all for commercial work.
If you have a shop and you do the inside every 2 weeks and the sign every 4 weeks you need to make 3 entries.
If you do lots of shops it's a nightmare.
Posted by Wishy-Washy_window (Wishy-Washy Windows), 19 January 2004
Yes Simon, that is one way, but can also have the one job and make the adjustments to the price and dates as required, some of my jobs one month I clean just the outside the next month I clean both sides, but I dont have two entrys for the one job, just adjust prices as required.

Maybe if you clean many many jobs in a day it might be a bit of a (pane in the glass), but I only clean 3 or 4 jobs a day as they are are large villas or apartments with plenty of glass.

Posted by Bones (Bones), 19 January 2004
I think it's great, makes life a damn site easier, and if you have a Palm, "No Paperwork" all over the passanger seat, my passenger seat it just strewn with pringle boxes mars wrappers and empty cans/bottles of lucozade Roll Eyes

Simonb: Could you not use the notes section on the software to organise your signs, in's & Out's?? even when you hotsync it to lour palm it has the notes section on there tooHuh


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