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Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Posted by tyke7777 (tyke7777), 22 August 2003
Hi, The local council in our area is introducing a wheelie bin system - over 5000 bins. - should pay better than windows, even corporate customers!!
Has anyone got or had experience of setting up a bin cleaning operation - I understand that you can purchase a vehicle which recycles the waste water, cleans and perfumes the bins. Any suggestions or ideas where I may get such equipment rather than enter into franchises?
Thanks in advance
Tyke Smiley
Posted by Northerclean (Northerclean), 23 August 2003
Hi Tyke,

I once looked into this but like you said it's where to buy the equipment from, I suggest you look at buying into a franchise to start with as the business is there and you can then expand to your council with current customers. Take a look at the following website and see if this is the same equipment you've been looking at:

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 24 August 2003
check out regulations about waste water. i am sure that if you are a business you cannot get rid of water in the street down storm drains. my street  has bins and the man comes to clean them and for a street of 50 house he did 2 not much response. resteraunt bins are a good earner especialy with this heat they smell so bad. a good pressure washer and a good chemical cleaner and you are away
Posted by tyke7777 (tyke7777), 24 August 2003
Thanks for the comments - I am sure that there is a market there for the taking. Waste water is a problem but you can get around that without too much cost.
The most important item I feel is a "mechanical" machine which would recycle the waste water on the back of a small truck. I will keep looking and searching for the right equipment - thanks again. Got to be better than windows !! Tyke7777
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 7 September 2003

I can only say my experience with franchises has not been good. Yes, there are good ones out there and people can do very well. just do your research before you commit (like anything in life)


Posted by steve_tyler (steve_tyler), 8 September 2003
there is more than meets the eye with this game i can tell ya.....not many survive,.......
Posted by rakem_42 (rakem_42), 15 September 2003
I would also like to start my own wheelie bin cleaning round. I have looked into franchising but i feel that is very expensive and i have surfed for information off the net with no luck  Sad The franchise boys seem to have the market covered as regards the equipment, which u need. local councils will soon be putting the breaks on the cowboy wheelie bin washers so i have been told . any information please Grin[center][/center]
Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 16 September 2003
Tyke, please take a few minutes to read our website.  You can have a superb purpose built unit supplied to you ready to use with minimal outlay and no franchise required.  It will remove chewing gum and graffiti, and will earn you money from the start. It comes on it's own trailer and we supply full back-up service and a business plan for you to follow.  You won't be disappointed !


Derek W
Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 16 September 2003
Introducing the Superb Hydrotech UK 'Drive Master' and 'Gum Master' pressure cleaning systems. These systems offer a real business opportunity as weather and pollution take their toll on hard landscaping.
The refurbishment of driveways is an untapped market. Large quantities of chewing gum are thoughtlessly discarded each day onto our streets and public areas. The Hydrotech UK 'Drive Master' and 'Gum Master' cleaning systems enable you to clean all types of hard surfaces such as block - paved driveways, stone patios, tennis courts, tarmac and concrete surfaces and even timber decking.

The 'Gum Master' system also enables you to remove chewing gum from pavements, public areas, football ground forecourts, fast food drive - thru's, supermarket car parks, and motorway service areas etc ..

These systems will enable you to clean petrol station forecourts, including the high - level canopies and price signs from the safety of the ground. You can also clean conservatory roofs, both domestic and commercial, ie: garden centres and pub restaurants.

Graffiti is also easily removed from all types of surfaces on ground level, on walls, and also on any metal surface such as bridges, park gates, bus stations, telephone kiosks etc.. the scope is quite simply, enormous !

The Hydrotech UK 'Drive Master' & 'Gum Master' systems are completely self - contained with their own power and water supply, and delivered ready to use on a gleaming purpose-built trailer and represent a unique and very profitable business opportunity.

Contact us now on 01625 820418 to arrange a free demonstration and we will show you how you can quickly achieve a substantial and long - term income.
e-mail :

Posted by stevegunn (stevegunn), 8 October 2003
Wrightway cleaning based in Derby manufacture a wheelie bin cleaning unit that recycles the water it is normally advertised in the exchange & mart  0115 9320788

hope this helps
Posted by locko (locko), 2 November 2003
Grin...Hi guys/gals...I have a massive wheelie bin cleaning round in the Northwest and as many have already stated it is a bind....although it seems a simple business...believe me it`s not....ok there is money to be made but it takes a lot of time and hard obviously have to find an insurance company who are even prepared to quote you let alone insure for machines..there are so many to chose from but in general Honda engines with Interpump pumps attached tend to be the best (in my humble opinion)...then you have to buy a license to draw water from a washout/hydrant...then you have to buy a vehicle and insure that too.....oh by the way you have to buy a good pair of walking boots and some knuckle plasters for all the door knocking you have to do.....remember also that even if you use a system that recycles your the end of the day you need to drain off, so you have to sort that out too with the environment prepared for the bin wagons breaking down and you ending up cleaning bins 3 hours after you thought you would have finished....hope that hasn`t put you the way be careful where you eventually set many other types of business if you step on other peoples toes they may step back..harder and longer...Have Fun with your new venture though...if you need any further info give me a shout.....Locko
Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 2 November 2003
Hi locko I do a bit of pressure washing but didnt realise you could get a license to fill up from a water hydrant. how much does it cost Huh
Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 2 November 2003
by the way i also use the same pressure washers (delta) honda engines are the best but make sure you go for the gx series not the gc!
Posted by locko (locko), 2 November 2003
Cry Cry  Without speaking to the accountant...oh yes I forgot that one...another expense..paying him...anyway as I said without speaking to him I think it is somewhere in the region of 700 per annum....and that applies to 3/4" pipes...I think it`s more for the big standpipe....anyway Have Fun......Locko Grin
Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 2 November 2003
Locko does that let you take as much water as you like from any point or is it restricted to a certain area / user / volume?
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 2 November 2003
Good question!! you could bleed Manchester dry Wink
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 2 November 2003 can only use specific points...and they tend to check them for the amount as far as I`m aware you can take what you need...just like the council road sweepers do...

Am I correct in thinking that you are in ManchesterHuh

In the nicest possible way I hope we don`t meet on business.....if you need any more info though give me a shout.....Have Fun Locko....also owner of Wreelyclean Services...
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 2 November 2003 can only use specific points...and they tend to check them for the amount as far as I`m aware you can take what you need...just like the council road sweepers do...

Am I correct in thinking that you are in Manchester?

In the nicest possible way I hope we don`t meet on business.....if you need any more info though give me a shout.....Have Fun Locko....also owner of Wreelyclean Services...

P.S. anyone reading these forums.. I think it would help us all if we could give employees are told to look for other business and if we can`t do it I pass it long as I get a drink out of it though. Grin..this applies to everything from any type of cleaning to decorators and everything in let us know areas and if a client asks for something we can`t do... I`ll give you a shout
Posted by steve_tyler (steve_tyler), 2 November 2003
hey locko what sort of strike rate do you get from canvassing and what other marketing do you use.
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 3 November 2003
Grin..When I door knock I usually get approx..40%/50% acceptance there and then...if they um and ar I thrust a leaflet at them and ask them what other good service they can get for less than a Frapachino??..this usually makes them laugh and agree I`m right and bobs your uncle....

Obviously there are the " husband does it..." brigade.....No probs then luv..when`s his birthday? him a years bin cleaning and he can spend the time with you...again this is an ice breaker....

You know the old saying that b*llsh*t baffles`s true as far as I`m concerned....

I also do the buy 10 get 1 free upfront you see...less to collect...What do you do when in a queue?..Round here they all see my advert...which I`ve done with the little rip offs on so they can take the phone number with them instead of forgetting it...

I may be lucky `cos I used to be a sales manager and trainer for Rentokil and have a good answer for most replies...but in general I think it`s down to the old smart not hard......why deliver 1000 leaflets and get 25 enquiries when you can knock 100 doors (at the right time...usually saturday morning) and get 40/50 bites at the cherry...Have Fun.....Locko Wink
Posted by steve_tyler (steve_tyler), 4 November 2003
cheers for that reply locko,maybe i need to knock a bit more Roll Eyes
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 4 November 2003
Grin Grin NO PROBS....The more you get out the more you will get....also you will learn the answers to the ones who say no....all of a sudden it will fall into place and you`ll wonder why you didn`t do it earlier....remember though...the more smart work you put in the richer you will be.....that`s the only reason I do it.....Have Fun.. Grin Grin

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