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C.F.R. Hand Tool

Posted by Eric (Eric), 13 February 2004
I am just about to purchase a new hand tool, and after reading the archives have come to the conclusion that  quite a few of you prefer the C.F.R hand tool.

Having not used this tool before, mainly because of the cost, what in your opinions separate this from the rest?

Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 13 February 2004
Hi Eric

CFR hand tool is quite small and ergonomic so easy to hold and work with for quite long periods if required also has considerably good air flow allowing very good cleaning and amazing drying times, ask Steve Carpenter for a demo

Best regards Nick
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 13 February 2004
Hi Eric

The CFR handtool is termed a low moisture tool although you actually use more water...sounds daft doesn't it.

It is all in the tooling. The jet is angled rather than straight down...there are four interchangable jets, each with a different jet size...there is also a variable circular release valve on the top for increasing the airflow.

Why not come to the Amtech day next Friday 20th February at Burgess Hill where it will be on show... I think you will find quite a few 'Cleanituppers' there

Posted by Robert_O (Robert Olifent), 13 February 2004
Hi Eric

I hear good reports about the CFR hand tool.

You can interchange jet sizes to suite what you are cleaning, alter the vacuum pressure to suit, it has an enclosed spray jet which is angled in such a way that it is almost impossible to overwet and apparently gets things dry super fast, and overspray is a thing of the past. With the tool having an enclosed spray you can also do forward and backward passes without taking the tool off of the material.

The only down side (purely in my view) is that it is quite narrow being 3 inches in width. However I believe they are bringing out a slightly larger version acting upon cleaners feedback.

Thoroughly bloody nice blokes as well!!!

Rob nice but dim

Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 13 February 2004
Hi Guys,
Get down to the Amtech day if any places left enjoy the course then get 20% off all products on the day.
Posted by Eric (Eric), 13 February 2004
Hi Guys

Thanks for the info, food for thought.

Derek I would have liked to attend Burgess Hill but I have just booked into next weeks N.C.C.A course on the same date.

Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 13 February 2004

I've recently bought one of the cfr tools from world of clean. Excellant piece of kit and well worth the cost.

World of clean seem to have sold out though, as it no longer on there website

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 14 February 2004

You will enjoy your two days next week at the NCCA course.
There will be other opportunities to see the CFR tool in action


You are one of those lobbying for a wider CFR hand tool they are currently manufacturing one which should be available next month sometime.... weather permitting Grin.

This would mean purchasing just the end section of the tool, I believe, as it will simply slot onto any existing 'CFR combi tool' you may have.

Posted by Robert_O (Robert Olifent), 14 February 2004
Interchangable head widths as well, now that sounds excellent!

Do they do an interchangable technician that comes with the tool as well? Grin Cheesy Wink

One word: Very versatile, Oh that's two .


Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 14 February 2004
Was it not eggs that were " very very versatile" Huh
Posted by jmj (jmj), 14 February 2004
I hope they've got a few instock as I've decided I'm getting one. Like most men the idea of an extension is very appealing, (not that i need itof course) Will also take advantage of the 20% off on the day ( seminar 20th feb).
Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 14 February 2004
the other good hand tool to use is a Drimaster very light. i've  had drier suites with it and less hand strain(no jokes please)
Posted by Robert_O (Robert Olifent), 14 February 2004
I have the Chemspec Stainless steel low moisture hand tool with the perspex insert at the front which I find is an excellent tool.

To call them low moisture, is another contradiction because they don't half use some water!!!

Again the drying times are great though.



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