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What's this about??

Posted by riz (riz), 17 March 2004
Hi People,

Today i got a phone call from some company asking for the owner of the company which i put them though to myself, thought it was the normal waffling yellow pages reading salesman until halfway though i woke up abit and this chap rekoned i had asked to advertise in a road safety booklet for schools in the town where i used to live. I told him it was news to me and he asked if i was winding him up when i told him i had moved and then asked for my new address.(which i declined) He then went on to say that he would see me in court so i asked where the signed paperwork was for all this and he hung up!!!!

What do you think fellow WCs?? anyone else had this? where do i stand??


Posted by Ian_Giles (Ian_Giles), 17 March 2004
Sounds like a complete scam to me, I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over it if I was you.
Perhaps you should report it to someone, maybe your local police. or ring your local paper and see if they have heard of this type of scam before.

Anyone else got any ideas on this?

Posted by riz (riz), 17 March 2004
BBC Watchdog website writes....

Anderson Clarke Publications

2nd March 2004

Anderson Clarke Publications (ACP) produce school books to help kids with growing up. It sounds like a good deed but it's not. The publishers get money by leaning on local businesses to stump up sponsorship cash. The book, 'Be Aware of Self-Esteem', gives confusing and contradictory advice on how to deal with strangers, and throughout the books there are grammatical and spelling errors.

Tim James runs his own business building adventure play equipment for children. Tim says that when Anderson Clarke Publications called him, he'd agreed to sponsor a series of booklets. He couldn't recall the conversation he'd had with them so he asked them to send him some details through the post. The only details Tim received was an invoice for nearly 240. That's 6 a book.

ACP called Tim requesting payment. Tim says "When he phoned me and he said he was going to freeze my bank account to stop me from trading if I didn't pay, it was a bit of a shock. He then went on to tell me that I could pay there and then by credit card, and it was only 250 but 250 to me was a lot of money."

Eventually some details did arrive. A letter threatening legal action.

Susy Greaves, a self-employed wedding photographer, also got a call from ACP. She was pleased to sponsor the school but she was disappointed to find that all she received was an invoice.

She said "What really incensed me was the fact that it's not even for the right age group. It's a primary school booklet. It actually says so on the back. And yet they knew I was sponsoring a secondary school."

Watchdog viewer Steve Whitby runs a small family business. He had 20 booklets arrive at his works address along with an invoice for approximately 180. His initial reaction was – what order?

He said "there's no way they could justify 10 per book. The standard of the literature inside was absolute rubbish".

Ian Goodacre, head teacher of Monkwick Junior School said "The inaccuracies in terms of grammar, spelling and so on are a major concern. I think it's inappropriate for primary school children, and I certainly wouldn't want it used in my school".

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Posted by simonb (simonb), 17 March 2004
Send em a statement for window cleaning u did on thier offices 6 months ago and threaten county court.
Posted by riz (riz), 17 March 2004
good one!,

Iwould but their not listed for phone or address anywhere!! up for a ding dong as well, cheesed me off a bit.

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