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Do i start in my area?

Posted by ThirskMan (ThirskMan), 8 January 2004
Hi I am hopefully leaving the lovely job of wines and spirits at Tescos in North Yorkshire to start my own window cleaning. My fathers back has finally had it so I will take his (part-time) cleaning over which is only about 1 full day a week (He has another full-time job but started some window cleaning years ago cos we needed the money). Of course I want more than 1 day a week, but in my town alone there are already at least 3 window cleaners, population of town is nothing so do i branch out to villages and nearer towns (that are bigger) which are 10/20 miles away? If so, won't I need quite a bit to make it worth while travelling? And will I get the s$út kicked out of me by the others?
Posted by denzle (denzle), 8 January 2004
From experience the smaller villages can be quite lucrative as they seldom see a window cleaner and are more inclined to pay over the odds for one.
As for stepping on other WCers toes, well if they don't already have the houses you get, who are you hurting? There are more windows than there are Window Cleaners.
I will not bid on houses that already have a WCer on principle, the home owners that tell you that there present guy charges them X amount and want to know if you will beat it aren't worth bothering with anyway. You'll soon know if the area already has a WCer as you won't get much take up, residential customers are usually pretty loyal.
Hope this Helps and good luck
Posted by ThirskMan (ThirskMan), 8 January 2004
Cheers, yeah, that helps. I thought the villages would be worthwhile it i got a few.

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