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running a business alongside a full time job?

Posted by blueboy (blueboy), 15 February 2004
What would be the tax implications if i started up a cleaning business alongside my full time job? Initially i would only be doing a little bit in the evenings and weekends when necessary, i have two people interested in working for me on a casual basis at first, as and when necessary so to speak. Then if business takes off i will pack in my current job and set into it full time.  
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 15 February 2004
hi blueboy

I am doing the same at the moment...

full time nights, getting about 4-5 hours sleep and also putting in a full day cleaning (about to go part-time at the j.o.b)

On your self-assessment tax form there is a section to include your employment. you will of course have to now fill in the self employed bit too.

Best to get an accountant as it could get messy. Mine just cost me 200 but got me a rebate of 500 Wink

good luck


Martin Cool
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 20 February 2004

Work in the Black Economy. Its worth Billions we are catching up with Italy.

With all this credit card debt  increasing House Prices it is the only way to survive without going bust. And keep up Ecconomic growth in the Ecconomy. It reduces the average tax burden, creates more spending thus increasing V.A.T. Revenues and the Profits of the Banks which are then taxed creating More Revenue for Schools Hospitals and a Clean Enviroment.

Unless you join the highly paid and Highly Skilled Carpet Cleaners Division.

Ps Do not take any of this advice serriously apart from last bit.
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 21 February 2004
And so say all of us !! Roll Eyes Tongue

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