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Training courses index

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 15 October 2003
Dereks post got me thinking, it would be a good idea if their was some sort of central register of all the training courses that are taking place.

I often hear of courses too late to book. I know that the Nat' flood school, NCCA, Premier products, Alltec, plus lots more all hold training courses, its a pity there can,t all be listed in the same place

might be a good admission to this website Wink Wink

Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 16 October 2003
Huh Huh
Thats fine for all you fine chaps down south.
The problem i have is thier is a shortage of training in scotland, i called prochem they said they shall not be doing one in scotland until 2005 !!!!!

Whats that all about ?

Im a growing company and rather than spend my time training i wanted to send one of the lads on a course,
and to make matters worse ive just bought another powermax with in-line heater.

anyway good idea but remember us up north.  Smiley Wink Tongue Cry
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 17 October 2003
Hi Mike
A list of training courses sounds good to me - maybe we could have a seperate section. What do other members think to this?
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 21 October 2003
I think its a great idea.
Posted by acleanerplace (acleanerplace), 21 October 2003
this would be a great idea
well done whoever thought of it
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 21 October 2003

I have spoken to the NCCA and they are currently arranging next years courses... as soon as they are available I will post them here

Posted by peewa (neil 47), 21 October 2003
another great idea things just seem to get better on this forum thanks Cool
Posted by chrisw (chrisw), 23 October 2003
Great idea, as long as whole uk is covered.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 23 October 2003
Hi Chris

Sorry mate but we have banned any training taking place in Peckham! Wink Grin

Posted by chrisw (chrisw), 23 October 2003
That's OK Derek,  Trotters & their TM have the area sewn up  Cheesy

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