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Truck mount hose cleaner

Posted by wrightclean (wrightclean), 25 March 2004
Hi All,
       I am new to this site, so bare..bear with me!  I have owned a truck mount for about a year now and the business is going fine.  I am looking for a hose cleaner.  I have tried all over and have had no joy.   My hoses (oooh er) are 2.5inches in diameter and was wondering if anybody has a solution to a clamp that I can put my pressure hose into that cleans the hoses upon retrieval.  At the moment I have 2 hose cleaners.......but they are beginning to moan now as it takes up there time on a saturday! Ay help would be appreciated. TY
Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 25 March 2004
Try its a usa company but you can buy on line i did it worked out at just under a 100
with tax etc for the hose washer.
Posted by wrightclean (wrightclean), 25 March 2004
   Thanks for the response, but alas it only cleans up to hoses of 2" radius as the one in the UK however mine are 2 1/2 " (2" at the connection) so..................... Sad
Posted by stevety44 (stevety44), 27 March 2004
I think the magic wand hose cleaner cleans 2" ID hoses.  That is the OD is larger about 2.5" on the outside diameter.  I think your hoses are 2" ID (inside diameter) and are 2.5 on the outside.  General terminology is that the diameter refers to the inside diameter.  I think that is unusual that you would have 2.5" ID hoses......................

Thanks Steve

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