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cleaning equipments

Posted by ozge (ozzy), 4 September 2003


i have recently incorporated my cleaning company and will start working actively.  i have been searching internet for the equipments i will need and i am confused.  i am going to do domestic and commercial cleaning and i was planing to get dysons and i do not know what type of equipment i need for carpet and upholstery cleaning.  please advise. thx
Posted by Derek (Derek), 5 September 2003
Hi Ozzy

If you are setting up a carpet cleaning business you have a unique opportunity to see all or most of the equipment at the NCCA cleaning show in Wolverhampton (See details on the carpet cleaning section of this site)

Contract cleaning Companies have for years traditionally used the Pneumatic NV250 vacuum cleaners for contract work (they are the metal version of the Henry)
Professional carpet cleaners seem to go for the Sebo vacuum which is an upright with twin motors (On view at the NCCA show)

It would be worth your while to come along to the's FREE.. they are a friendly bunch too

Hope this helps
Posted by spirit (spirit), 4 November 2003
Henrys are a good bet, I have them on all sites, you will need uprights for certain carpets and the karcher or other pro types are best as they take a good hammering. Belive me your staff will abuse the tools because they dont have to pay for them, pulled leads, broken heads etc......only the best will do, dysons are good for house duty but I dont believe are robust enough for industry, ( sorry James!).

Best of luck

Posted by petra (petra), 4 November 2003
we use dyson's, and they do work out good value for filter...and remove deep down dust....their performance is outstanding...........
Posted by Fox (Fox), 4 November 2003

Personally I don't rate dysons, I find them expensive and as already said alot of staff do not respect your equipment and do tend to pull leads hard rather than unplug and find another socket!

I use henry on all sites.  Alot easier to get into those 'spaghetti' areas than uprights.

Whatever you use ensure your staff know how to empty the hoover, over full hoovers can be one of the biggest problems for overheating and other probs.

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 4 November 2003
Dysons are like Marmite - you either love them or hate them Grin
The commercial version DC04 Constantmax does have a better motor than the domestic version and it does have a quick release cable so it doesn't matter if you pull the leads.
Coincidentally, we do have rather a large stock of these and are prepared to haggle over the price at the moment if anyone's interested!!!

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