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New Workers

Posted by Tam1967 (Tam1967), 7 April 2004
This are a few licensing dilemmas for the Scottish lads,

You start a new lad, kit him out with gear/tools and get employers and public  liability insurance cover for him, now do you wait the 21 days for his license to be processed before starting him Huh or do you risk taking him out to start right away Huh


Who should pay for his license Huh What happens if he starts up for himself 3 months down the line and you the employer have paid for the privalage of licensing him Huh


Posted by tom_currie (tom_currie), 8 April 2004
write in to his contract of employment that he must repay full amount of if he leaves in first year and that he fully agrees to it being taken of any monies he is due on leaveing your employ.
you must then notify the council that his licence is invalid and should be handed back.the council will ask him for prove of insurance if he can provied that he keeps his licence.

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