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Posted by R.P.CLEANING (R.P.CLEANING), 25 October 2003
I hope this does not offend anyone. I put a post telling people about this forum on a site called Hopefully people will switch between the 2 giving us all a better insight into clean problems that arise. So because of the post there I hope this site will grow.
Cheers Rod
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 25 October 2003
Rod, it can only do good for more carpet cleaners to start participating on internet sites like this.

Who knows perhaps some Clean It Up carpet cleaners can come along to the Cleantalk 'sunny day out' where all us carpet cleaners meet and show off all our new toys and swop ideas

another good site is

Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 25 October 2003
Cleanfax, the USA site is also very interesting and helpful.
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 25 October 2003
I tell you one thing gents, i doubt i would have pursued this if it had not been for the good forums, this one is top of my list so far.

The level of knowledge you fellas have is really impressive and it the first industry where you seem to get along well and actually want to help each other out , in my current career in electronics a right bunch of gits and thats on a good day.

Thats why i wanna get out.

Thanks to you all for your help , i really appreciate it.


Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 26 October 2003
Ive seen the cleantalk forum but it tends to go off the topic quite regularly the last time i looked the topic that had the most replies was one about german shepperd puppies Roll Eyes its been going a long time but doesnt have as many members as this site although i suspect thats because it covers only carpet cleaning (and puppies of course) Wink
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 26 October 2003
what do people on this site think of trancedental meditation? and is antidisestablishmentarianism a threat to a modern post-decimalization society

ooops sorry.... I was going off the subject Grin
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 26 October 2003
Mike in reply to your question:-

"Is antidisestablishmentarianism a threat to a modern post-decimalization society?".

I do not think that it is!!
Posted by R.P.CLEANING (R.P.CLEANING), 26 October 2003
Hi mike.
Can people escape you. Ken floating on here too.
Cheers Rod
Posted by bonzer (bonzer), 26 October 2003
I don't think it's necessarily wrong to go off topic. After all, both this forum and Cleantalk are for carpet cleaner's to meet and discuss things - that's what makes them a sort of 'community'. In a real community there is room for discussion of things other than work.

Obviously there needs to be some moderation of the type of topics or we get the 'free for all' situation found on some US forums.

As long as the forum's don't descend into talk about anything but carpet cleaning, I think it's ok.

My Two pennies worth!
Posted by chrisw (chrisw), 27 October 2003
Hi there Mike, Ken, Rod and other fellow 'cleantalkers'. Both great sites, great advice.
I bought a replacement/upgrade machine from a 'cleantalker' last month who lived seven hours from me. I was only able to risk this because of the respect and trust I had for some of the guys on there.  Wink
Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 28 October 2003
Have a look at our Aussie site as well.


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