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Trolley Tank Problems

Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 16 January 2004
Just wondered if  anyone can put forward some advice here thanks.
On the portable trolley system I`m using for pure water window cleaning
the  tank has had leaks,which I have fortunatley cured (at least hope so)
I used  the Ever build product called `Aquamate`.Its very similer to a sanitary
bathroom sealant /adhesive etc.Prior to having the leaks my water would stay
constant at 000p.p.m reading.Today after a few hours the reading goes so far
up to 003p.p.m.Just thought the sealant might be having some effect on the water.
If so,is there anything  I could use to treat those parts covered by the sealant.
Anyone else had these related problems at all? All replies much appreciated.

Lewis Doubtfire,Gleem Clean Window Cleaners.

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 16 January 2004
Where is Dom when you need him Grin Cool
Posted by Bryan_Dolby (Bryan_Dolby), 17 January 2004
Do your pipes go in at the top  Huh
you should not get any leaks

It could be the desighn have you bought it ready made
or made yourself

The sealent used might only change the reading for a short while Huh
I have used water up to 00.5 and its been OK
Mabey you just have to keep going for a few more times

Bryan Dolby

Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix aka BRODEX), 17 January 2004
Just for majestic
Thats an easy one, simply treat the mastic with %$8&?, then apply a bit of  !(*%",   give it a quick rub with &*^%$!   then all your problems will disappear. If that doesnt work, try a bit of  &+^$%?<.
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 17 January 2004
Thanks Dom ,
The thing is that you do actualy know what you are talking about  Grin Cool

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