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Rojak ladder stopper

Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 7 March 2004
hi guys

am using the 'rojak' with excellent results (bought the biggest size).

Psychologicly though it's weird and hard to put the ladder back far with out a foot.

Any one else using this (rojak) and/or is there something better? ............ and how far back can you work with it?

Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 7 March 2004
Hi Rob,

Remember it's not just footing the bottom of the ladder that make it safe to use.

David Salkeld
D.Salkeld Ltd
Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 7 March 2004
thanks for your concern............
I'm not up very high but have some chalet style houses with windows sat back.
There are no roadways or footpath issues.

So far the 'rojak' has paid for itself over a few times.
Does anyone else use it and/or is there something better and how far back can you use it ?

Posted by matt (matt), 7 March 2004
we have 1 and its great

we currently have a few houses that have a porch roof, so the ladder has to go back to roughly a 45 degree angle  Roll Eyes Shocked Roll Eyes

but its allways footed aswell at that angleSmiley
Posted by riz (riz), 7 March 2004
brought 1 a month ago, still put a water container on it for added security though!
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 7 March 2004
Hi riz - how's things?

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