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Gloves - cotton with latex over the top

Posted by Kimm (Kimm), 29 March 2004
Just thought I would share some different glove idea's - Cotton gloves from Asda Chemist for about 1.20, or Boots, then some surgical/latex gloves over the top.

Keeps your hands, clean & dry and a bit warmer too.

Posted by Ian_Giles (Ian_Giles), 30 March 2004
Haven't tried that one yet, but have found the latex goes very quickly Undecided
I used to use the fingerless cycle gloves, found they kept your hands warm even though the fingers exposed, hard wearing too.

But after many years of hunting for the best combination of warmth/dryness/workability, I just have to sing the praises of the Unger Neoprene gloves, I could no longer survive a winter without them!

Nothing like as cheap as your idea unfortunately Sad


Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 30 March 2004
When you work with pure-water, unger gloves are no good.  Your hands dont get cold like when you have ladders, nor wet with soapy water, you have a whole new problem.

The water dries your hands really badly.  It makes them chapped and crack.  You have to keep them from coming into contact with it at all, and that means waterproof gloves.  The ones we use at the moment are called sealskinz.  At 20 a pair, they're not cheap.

Posted by Ian_Giles (Ian_Giles), 30 March 2004
As I shall shortly be changing over to WFP, that's a good point, but what is the problem with the Unger neoprene gloves? they are totally waterproof.
Or do you find them clumsy using WFP?

As they are around 15 a pop they are not that much cheaper than the sealskinz ones you mentioned.
Where do you get them from Phillip?

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 30 March 2004
I use the Unger neoprene gloves with an WFP and if i was honest found them to be great, no problems yet with them.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 30 March 2004
Hi Ian,

I have not ever used unger gloves, but I thought they worked on the principle of a diver's suit, allowing a "jacket" of water in, but keeping your hands warm, but not dry.  I'm probably wrong.

Sealskinz are totally waterproof.  you can get them from Outdoor Gear shops (or by mail order) for some reason they dont appear in the online catalogue, but you do get them there.

Other outdoor shops sell them too, there's a list of stockists on the sealskinz website :

You'll need to stock up on Neutrogena too, as your hands soon get bad.

I thought "Ha, no problem with bad hands now that its pure water, because theres no detergent!" But pure water is much worse to your hands, as its slightly acidic.  (I read that, as its so pure it dissolves carbon dioxide from the air to form carbonic acid.  This of course doesnt cause spotting, but it has an effect on your hands)  

However, using a pole your hands dont get freezing the way they do with ladders, you dont realise how bad that is until you stop using them.

Posted by Spoonbill1970 (Spoonbill1970), 30 March 2004

I've been using this method of keeping hands dry for a few years.
Boots cotton gloves are good, but after a while they get a bit "Holy". I've recently discovered that you can buy cotton glove liners from my local tool shop. You know, really thin ones that go inside "rigger" type gloves in the construction industry. 1.20 for about 10 pairs!
I usually go thru a few pairs a day as they get wet with sweaty hands! Embarassed
Latex overgloves tear easily, but if you use the black heavy duty ones from ASDA/TESCO, these usually last a few weeks. Take a bit of getting used to, but worth it.


Posted by Ian_Giles (Ian_Giles), 30 March 2004
Your hands do get sweaty in them, and ther downside of that is that you have to turn them inside out and wash them else your hands will stink something awful!

But as Justin I am sure would agree with, they are warm, tough and waterproof.
I can usually make a pair last a winter, the twisting action of using the squeegee eventually gets them to split and wear out.

Justin, have you been using them long enough with WFP yet to find out how hard wearing they are with that system?

Thanks for the info on where to get the Sealskinz though.


Posted by seanc (seanc), 30 March 2004
"Gloves - cotton with latex over the top"
sound like a good idia its just a pitty latex makes me sick brings me out in a rash and lots of other problems

ps i have heard all the jokes  Smiley

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 30 March 2004
latex over the top done that but it is not a good fit. its like having someone elses hands. i use seal skinz or unger a tip with unger if its cold buy a pair of inner gloves from a motorbike shop they are thin but warm so you dont lose movement
Posted by Neil (wylie), 30 March 2004
If pure water is so bad for the hands then I suppose that means you will have to wear gloves all summer as well!
That wont be much fun on a really hot day!
Plus your gonna have a daft looking tan this year  Grin

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