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Selling work

Posted by Ken (Ken), 14 October 2003
I've got a couple of blocks of work that I want to move on. Although they are good payers they are a bit of a drive and I seem to be picking up a lot of work closer to home. The question is: what's the best way of selling them? I don't want to show someone the round (with prices etc) only to have them canvas it out from underneath me. Also I reckon given the quality of the work it's worth at least twice the monthly value. Is that fair?
Posted by Rick (Rick), 14 October 2003
sell it to someone you know. or sell it to someone you don't know, and if they just poach your work, then kick their ladders out from underneath them Angry
Posted by simonb (simonb), 15 October 2003
You show them the area and one representative price ie "I charge 10 for that one"
Then you get the cash in exchange for a complete list of names addresses and prices. You then go round and introduce.
The going rate round here is 3 times
Where are you?
Posted by Ken (Ken), 15 October 2003
That sounds pretty reasonable! The work is in Chepstow (approx 550 pm) and in Cheltenham (210). I'm actually based in Ross-on-Wye.
Posted by simonb (simonb), 16 October 2003
I'm in Bristol
You get about a bit!
Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 16 October 2003
In our area it's 2 and half times monthly clean. I've sold work and never had any trouble i might have been lucky.
what i did was drive to the end of streets and just tell them how many houses ther were down each street, Then if they was still intrested the next time i cleaned that area they could clean it with me and meet the customers. I got half the cash for round before I cleaned it with them and half after.

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