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The new guy needs your help with facias!!

Posted by Bones (Bones), 23 September 2003
Hi again fellow cleaners. Grin

During my canvassing today I had two ladies ask me if I would do their facias and gutters before the winter sets in. I told them I would get back to them before I clean their windows for them next month but,.... I have no idea what to charge for facias and gutters? do I give myself an hourly rate?? or do you guys have a set charge for this kind of work??

If you could be of any help I would be most grateful.

They are both 3 bed semi's
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 23 September 2003
Hi bones depending on size I usually charge 5 aside if property has 4 gully sides  -7.50 a side if only 2 sides, dig out and wash 15 - 20 Hr.
High fasias going into a point at side of propery with no gullys, seperate same sort of price

Posted by luap (luap), 24 September 2003
i charge 60  to 80...depending on where the house is(price of houses).

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 25 September 2003
I charge per foot / sorry meter, depending on the house .If its a little terrace my price per foot is a little lower than if its a 5 bedroom job Cool
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 25 September 2003
I usually charge 15 for a terrace/small semi as most only have gutters back and front, but the bigger the house the higher the price.
Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 2 October 2003
For a 3bed semi we charge 25 for gutters thats 3 sides.
For facias about 35. And for cleaning upvc window frames we charge 55. Hope that helps
Posted by steve-mark (steve-mark), 6 October 2003
I charge no less than 40 for gutters and facias and I wipe down the down pipes as well. this depends on the size of the property of couse. but do chage up to 65.

Hope this helps
Steve @ Tone Clean Taunton Zomerzet Smiley
Posted by Bones (Bones), 7 October 2003
cheers buddies, great help  Grin

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