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Locating replacement curtain tool

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 7 October 2003
In October 2000 I had my van stolen. An hour or so later it was found, burnt out, with half the contents stolen, half melted within.

Replacing some of the equipment was only (only?) a matter of time and money but some of it had been aquired over a period of over 30 years and proved irreplaceable.

One item, a fairly recent aquisition, was a 5-inch curtain tool, constructed of enameled aluminium, with a multi-perforated head and with the triger thumb opperated.

Does this sound familiar? Could some kind soul sugest a manufacturer/supplier?

Although I have three other curtain tools, on some jobs I know I could work quicker/better/more comfortably with this one Cry
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 8 October 2003

The only one that I can visualise from your decription is a black one.

Try Altec (Active Chemical Products) or Ashby's.

Most suppliers do one of some sort or another but as you already have three you know that already. I guess you do a lot of curtain cleaning?

Posted by carpet_bright (carpet_bright), 8 October 2003
Sorry to hear about your mis fortune.

I do know that Prochem sell a curtain tool, not sure about price but check out their website it's probably there.

Good luck

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 8 October 2003
Thanks Derek,

I have ah Ashby's (black) curtain tool - fine for the main drop of most drapes but useless for any sort of pleating.

As for cleaning a lot of curtains, I do not readilly admit to cleaning them at all but since the vast majority of my clients are long-term regulars, or even second/third generation customers, I find it hard to keep the secret  Angry
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 8 October 2003
Thanks for the reply Paul.

I hope that you never suffer the same missfortune - Replacing non-standard equipment is a night mare

Whilst I have owned quite a lot of Prochem equipment, I have always felt that their curtain & upholstery tools let them down somewhat. (Sorry Ron)

John Bolton
Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 8 October 2003

I have a 5 inch curtain tool  - aluminiumm with black enamel, perforated and with thumb operated trigger. It is made by U.S products and is supplied with their Ultimate PB111 wet/dry cleaning machine. The one I have is a bit battered (over 10 years old) but you are welcome to have it for free, if it is useful to you. I won't dry clean curtains on site anymore so it is just gathering dust.

Email me at if you want it.

Nigel Grin
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 8 October 2003
Nigel, You are a star Cheesy

This is exactly what I have been searching for - I too bought an Ultimate PB111 about 15 yrs. ago & that would have been the sorce of mine.

Whilst applauding your generosity, I cannot impose on your good nature by accepting the tool free of charge.

An Email wings its way as I type this.

Posted by Lionel (Lionel), 9 October 2003
I have just puchased a curtain tool from Prochem, it is a new tool which they have just bought out. The industry is always changing and new equipment is always being developed.
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 10 October 2003
This is slightly off the subject but does anyone get any good results cleaning curtains? I've tried in the past and found them to be awkward and very time comsuming with poor results. Now I tel the customer to take them down and take them to the dry cleaners.

I  Have Prochems 'new'  6 inch curtain tool which i bought 18mths ago, last week i bought a 4inch version of the same tool, I like to use them on upholstery.

Dynafoam I think the tool you are describing is available from ashbys.

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 10 October 2003

Although I do not enjoy cleaning curtains, the results normaly justify the efforts - I have several times cleaned curtains which have already been to the dry cleaners and come back in an unsatisfactory condition. The ensueing customer satisfaction was probably due to the fact that I was hand-cleaning on an inch-by-inch basis rather than any particular skill on my part.

Although I use a number of differing methods, I find that in most instances, a really thorough dry treatment with a 'brushing' vacuum cleaner to be critical.

As to the hand tool, thanks for the sugestion -I do have the Ashby's tool - but I have today received the very tool I was seaking via the good offices of another contributor to this forum......

.....Thank you Nigel - I previously said you were a star - Wrong - You are a superstar  Smiley


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