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How do I find a window cleaner?

Posted by LisaE (LisaE), 28 August 2003
I'm looking for a good reliable window cleaner who is able to handle heights. It's not that we are in a sky scraper, but no one locally seems to have the right tools for our tall house. Know anyone reliable who cleans windows in Wiltshire?
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 28 August 2003
i wish i cleaned windows in wiltshire i love the area but sadly i am in very flat norfolk
Posted by LisaE (LisaE), 29 August 2003
Thank you for your wishes. All the good ones are either too busy or way too far away, huh?
Posted by andy (andy), 8 September 2003
Hello! lisa,

Do you find alot of people have the same problem in your area?

If so! im pretty shore that i can help you.

Posted by LisaE (LisaE), 9 September 2003
I know of one other person who wrote a letter to the local newspaper who wished to find a good window washer. I don't know if she ever found one yet...but from that letter I guessed a lot more were finding it hard to locate one as well, because she talked about how hard she tried. Since I am in one house of six in the area that is unusually tall, I suspect anyone we find to do our windows may be of interest to most everyone on this street.

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