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how do you beat the part timers?

Posted by twiceasclean (twiceasclean), 16 October 2003
hi, just starting out with a friend and finding it quite difficult to get decent pay, around here it seems to be £6 per hour, the reason being it seems is that there is a lot of people doing house cleans as well as their regular jobs, so they dont declare it, i was wodering if any of you guys have come up against this problem?
Posted by DP (DP), 16 October 2003
There will always be this scenario, which you have to get past and definitely donít let it effect your aims. †

You get this in almost any industry, its just competition which will come in many forms, the "why's" are rarely important as there is always a way round it you just have to find it.

Try perhaps raising your profile, increase your marketing, try different area's, offer a different service or try a buy one get something else free, perhaps another service you can eventually sell them.

Sometimes you have to invest in your market to be able to work and grow in it. Once you have a good client base, you will find that these people simply donít matter.

If you find that you really cant compete at their level, then donít be at their level, somehow find the way to be better.

The above is meant to encourage not offend, sorry if it may sound a little critical.


Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 16 October 2003
I think most of us on this site can say that they have trouble with people just cleaning for a bit of cash. When we go to do a quote for a job we try to sell our work on the fact that we have full insurance, writen refarances,
and are familiar with the cleaning health and saftey requirements.  
Posted by twiceasclean (twiceasclean), 16 October 2003
hi, no offence taken at all, i wanted your thoughts on this and thanks for giving them  Smiley
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 16 October 2003

I always ask them: do you trust part-time mechanic/cleaner/futboler with your cleaning or you like to have profesjonal serviceHuh

Sorry for my english( i'm from Poland)

AtoZ Clean

ps.7.5£ is a absolut miniumum!!! Grin Grin

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