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paint removal to upvc window frames.

Posted by cwfservices (cwfservices), 30 December 2003
Could someone post any product that would safely remove 2 week old emulsion paint from new upvc white window frmes.

many thanks.
Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix aka BRODEX), 30 December 2003
Inside our outside of frames? ie.Depends upon the paint how aggressive you need to go.
Posted by dirkstar (dirkstar), 30 December 2003
car polish t cut if its a little stubben
Posted by cwfservices (cwfservices), 30 December 2003
Thankyou Dom and Dirkstar for your replies.
Bye the way Dom the window frames are on the inside,sorry for the lack of information.

regards Colin.
Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix aka BRODEX), 30 December 2003
If it is standard water based emulsion;
Try hot water (and I mean so hot you have to wear marrigolds) with a minute drop of fairy liquid. Take one non abrasive rag (old t-shirt/old kids pyjamas) and wet down the paint covered pvc with the hot rag. Then, rewetting the rag to keep up the heat element in the equation, give it some good old fashioned elbow grease and the paint should lift of the PVC frame.
 Dirkstars suggestion is good for renovation of PVC surfaces/blemish removal as it employs ammonia as a solvent. Car "T cut" is a very similar formulation to the proprietry cleaners supplied by double glaze companies, but dont use that on your car! its got mild abrasives added.! Hope this helps

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