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Tax Returns

Posted by Ken (Ken), 13 January 2004
As always I have left it late to get my tax return sorted! I am using Taxcalc 2003 which has made things a bit easier (and it only cost a tenner as opposed to what an accountant would charge me!). However, I am wondering if anyone can help me on a couple of points.
1. As I work from home it appears that I can offset some of my property costs (rent, council tax, elec, gas, water etc) against my tax bill. However there does not seem to be a guide as to what percentage is allowable. Can anyone enlighten me?
2. Before I got my van, I used the car for work and daily driving duties. Because of this some of my Car costs are disallowable. Again I can't find out how much this should be. Help!

I realise that I should get an accountant but I haven't (yet) so please don't tell me off. All help gratefully received.
Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 13 January 2004
My acc. claims 250 for use of home as office I believe that there should be no bed in the room.
Mileage I guess its a percentage based on actual mileage dont quote me but you might try 25%SELF 75% business.
I too am burning the midnight oil and the scribes are working overtime.

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