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600 per day aint bad for gum removal

Posted by Dave_T (Dave_T), 25 July 2003
ive jsut been to a customer of mine who has a hotel and has just been quoted 600 PER DAY by gumbusters to remove chewing gum from the front walkways anyone know what equipment they use
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 28 July 2003
They use van mounted 'dry' steam cleaners which are particularly good for cleaning gum from paving slabs etc. They are run from a generator and use very little water compared to steam pressure washers which means that you dont need to clear public areas when using them.
The sort of machine they use is very much like a modified Doman Fury ( ) Some of the Gumbuster franchisees are starting to set-up thier own van mounted systems using these to save having to pay the franchise costs.
600 per day is not unheard of and there is scope to set up regular contracts (I heard that one guy does the front of Old Trafford every month with one of these machines)
Posted by Dave_T (Dave_T), 6 August 2003
thanks do you know if you can hire them with the van from anywhere
Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 12 September 2003
Dave, we manufacture these systems and can demonstrate one to you at your premises.


Posted by DerekW (DerekW), 12 September 2003
Introducing the Superb Hydrotech UK 'Drive Master' and 'Gum Master' pressure cleaning systems. These systems offer a real business opportunity as weather and pollution take their toll on hard landscaping.
The refurbishment of driveways is an untapped market. Large quantities of chewing gum are thoughtlessly discarded each day onto our streets and public areas. The Hydrotech UK 'Drive Master' and 'Gum Master' cleaning systems enable you to clean all types of hard surfaces such as block - paved driveways, stone patios, tennis courts, tarmac and concrete surfaces and even timber decking.

The 'Gum Master' system also enables you to remove chewing gum from pavements, public areas, football ground forecourts, fast food drive - thru's, supermarket car parks, and motorway service areas etc ..

These systems will enable you to clean petrol station forecourts, including the high - level canopies and price signs from the safety of the ground. You can also clean conservatory roofs, both domestic and commercial, ie: garden centres and pub restaurants.

Graffiti is also easily removed from all types of surfaces on ground level, on walls, and also on any metal surface such as bridges, park gates, bus stations, telephone kiosks etc.. the scope is quite simply, enormous !

The Hydrotech UK 'Drive Master' & 'Gum Master' systems are completely self - contained with their own power and water supply, and delivered ready to use on a gleaming purpose-built trailer and represent a unique and very profitable business opportunity.

Contact us now on 01625 820418 to arrange a free demonstration and we will show you how you can quickly achieve a substantial and long - term income. (Genuine Entrepreneurs only please)

e-mail :

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 12 September 2003
Blimey, that almost looked like an advert to me!  Grin

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