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Desperate New window cleaner

Posted by Matt_Lewis (Matt_Lewis), 28 July 2003
I'm stuck!!
Had a reply of mike boxall which helped but still need help (sorry mike)
Started a business about two months ago in a partnership but i split it up as felt was restricted. As of this; the work was halved and i've several ideas including patio cleaning and bin cleaning. Has anyone out there found this successful and what sort of quotes seem popularHuh!? Any tips also on how to obtain business apart from the usual flyering. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! It seems the person i was working with has found luck in obtaining business.!!
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 29 July 2003
Hey Matt
Have you seen the similar topic under general cleaning: whats the best way to get new customers?
Some good advice there from woodman
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 30 July 2003
cold calling with a flyer i reckon is best. i have tried just tickets through doors but never get much response. in the past 15 years i  have tried everything. next word of mouth, but as a new cleaner be careful the recomendment is not that you are cheap. practise get quick and efficent, dont over price, in my area a couple of boys went in with very high prices others followed and now i am swamped with calls because the customers now know they are paying to much. be visible when you are working get signs on your car / van 50 for a pair of magnetics. look the part, good tools, uniform, tool belt when you work, people will come to you when you look professional.
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 30 July 2003
Hi matt_lewis when I first started I tested the water by finding an area hit out 700 leaflets waited a couple of weeks and went for it cold calling with leaflets and just sell yourself saying that as a first clean all frames will be washed down as well as windows. Also I noticed that a lot of window cleaners never cleaned bays above Conservatories make a point if you can to do these if you feel comfortable from the inside, offer to clean insides of patio doors stuff like that people will always jump if they are getting something for nothing stuff like that as long as you dont make yourself look desperate.Put across that your professional, reliable and trustworthy.
Good luck. Alan

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