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patio cleaning

Posted by nr_neil (nr_neil), 18 February 2004
I was looking to start cleaning of garage forecourts and domestic patios and driveways. Can someone advise me on what type of machinery is available and what chemicals i should be using
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 18 February 2004
Tongue..if you take the time to read the forum all the answers are already on it
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 18 February 2004
petrol driven 13hp, 3000psi 15l/min pressure washer Cost 999- 1400, flat serface cleaner 580 some one else will have to post about chemicals.

I've been researching this bussiness for a few weeks and have now bought all the kit if you want to talk, send me a private message. and i'll send you my phone No

Posted by des (des), 22 February 2004
hi mike
the hard surface cleaner that you have got is it the one for out side only  with no vacuum point . if you have not got it yet  there are some good prices on magic wand site  which do inside and out
Posted by Darren_Sharpe (Darren_Sharpe), 26 February 2004

I am not sure if i can help with patios but forecourts and surfaces covered with fuels/oils i most definately can.  My company supplies a unique product called FleetKleen which uses a technique called bioremediation to clean, degrease and breakdown hydrocarbons.  I have just returned from heathrow today where we cleaned a carpark that some kind person broke into on Monday night and let a deisel tank belonging to a contractor go all over the car park.  Our products removed the contaminant, the rainbow effect and leave the surface clean, non-slip/skid, and white again!!  If you would like to find out more please contact me and I can send you some pictures and video of recently completed contracts.


darren sharpe

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