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Water Feed Pole HomeMade Help!!!

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 6 February 2004
Hi i am fairy new to this forum and new to window cleaning, i  have been reading the fourm for just under a week now and have some ideas reguards certain areas which has been very usefull to myself, so thanks to those whom post.

I will be ready to start within the next week or two, having spent alot of time working out my stragetie and the way i am going about it. I have already brought some items but i am really keen on the WFP system but feel the cost is extremely high for this system but in my opinion the best way.

I am looking into building my own WFP system using WinSpray Gun and 100 metre's Hose pipe 1/4 " one form WinSpray as well, also i ahve found and RO Unit that produces 1000 liters a day, also the tank and extra bits and bobs, all for under £1k ( out i got portable containers to move water from tank to car to job abit of a pain but worth it i think )

Anyway to cut along story short i am trying to cut down on some of the costs on the system i am building myself and have a few quick questions if they can be answered.

(1) Would i really get through 100 liters of water every 1hr of work?

(2) By using RO water can i really just spray over and leave so it drys itself? ( seen a few avi's on this ie WinSpray PDIS system they spray and it drip drys with no marks/spotting )

(3) Any tips on using an WTP like and FAQ would be great.

Thanks chaps in advance and please excuse the poor grammer and spelling not my strong points.



Posted by dirkstar (dirkstar), 6 February 2004
you have missed an[ a ]out before fairly sorry to inform you!!!!!!!!!!!  
Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 6 February 2004
LOL Grin
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 6 February 2004
Some one told me ill be wasting my time on here asking them questions, starting to think there right.

Oh well.
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 6 February 2004
100 litres in an hour is a bit much
check out some old posts the is everything you could want to know about wfp

Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 6 February 2004
Hi Justin,

I have a feeling that english may not be your first language, so if you don't understand anything just ask.

The average flow rate for van mounted wfp system can be anything up to 5 Litres per minute.  So an hour's work with some switching on and off might consume 100 litres.

RO water will dry on windows and leave no residue.  However, sometimes the first couple of cleans on a house that's only ever been done the traditional way may not be up to standard.  It is usually necessary for RO water to be "polished" with some kind of de-ionizing resin before use to bring the TDS down to zero.

Your question are a little bit general, you might find you get more response in the "starting a window cleaning business".  

Also, other's might disagree with me, but I think there is a distinct advantage to mastering window cleaning the traditional way first, then moving to a pole system.

Mike Boxall, is it allowed to give a link to peter's FAQ about wfp's? I think it would help in this case, but I understand if you don't like it.

Posted by replacement (Justin R), 6 February 2004
Thanks for that advice Silly, i found that Forum and it has some great advice and some excellent FAQ's just want a noob like me needs.

Once again thanks

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