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help WFS questions

Posted by David_35 (David_35), 24 March 2004
How do you get the trolley in & out of an estate? lift it or ramp?

anyone in torbay area who could show me one working or knows a local sale outlet?
Posted by allseasons (allseasons), 24 March 2004
You lift it in and out

Have a look

Posted by David_35 (David_35), 24 March 2004
thanks mike i took a look at the web site , it looks like its heavy how does it compare to liting ladders all day?

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 24 March 2004
Mike isn't online at present, so I'll stick my oar in Wink

You don't have to carry the trolley with two full canisters. It's much easier to put the trolley in your vehicle by itself, with your other canisters separate. You then connect the canisters once everything's out of the motor, at the job.

Hope this helps.

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