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Ninja  110 volt.

Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 21 March 2004
Hi All,
        There is the possibility I can my hands on a Ninja 110 volt  machine . The main carcass is the only thing that remains in tact.
  Is it possible or cost effective to turn this machine into a  240 volt refurbished machine with new parts,motors,pump,heater,etc.

Many thanks  rob-s Huh Huh
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 21 March 2004
A 110 transformer cost 40 but a new pump and 2 new vac motors would cost 350 ( they are about 150 each)

I would think all the switches could still be used, i don't know about the heater.

Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 21 March 2004
Hi Mike,
          Thanks for your reply.

     Regards  rob-s
Posted by greg1968 (greg1968), 23 March 2004
Hi Rob

Are the fittings and connectors still on the machine if so could convert this for you for around 250.



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