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Posted by kev (kev), 10 September 2003
I am considering buying a prochem 75(about 10 years old, 1000 hours on the clock in good con) can some one please tell me whot i should pay for it ? Cool
Posted by tony-eaglescliffe (tony-eaglescliffe), 11 September 2003

My first truckmount was a Prochem 75 HE, and a fine machine it was. The only problem I thought was the temperature was rather low.

Totally realiable and very easy to do the regular maintenance on.

I would check the hours if I were you because 1000 seems very very low.

I sold mine for 2500 with more than 10000 on the timer about 5 years ago and I recon it will be still be earning money.

If you need any advice about the 75 after you have bought it let me know.

Regards Tony Harrison.
Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 28 October 2003
Ive had my TM for only 9 months and its hour meter reads over 500 hours. So 1000 hours 10 yearsHuh??

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