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Conservatory Roof

Posted by tacleaning (T. A. Cleaning), 15 December 2003
Alright Guys,

How much would you charge to clean an average size conservatory roof?

We cleaned a new customers windows on Friday (9 windows + conservatory windows) for 13.

When I knocked on the door for our money she was horrified that we hadn't cleaned the conservatory roof and included it in the 13 price !!! Shocked
Posted by elfords (elfords), 15 December 2003
She is obviously having a laff, the cheek! We would charge on average between 17 & 40 to clean a roof
Posted by pw (pw), 15 December 2003
tell her she is lucky i won't do one for less than 20 upwards how much time would it take........ Roll Eyes paul Cool
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 15 December 2003
I would charge between 20 and 40 depending on how dirty it is. Cool

Posted by paul (paul), 15 December 2003
we usally charge 1.00 a panel but that does not include cleaning the pvc Tongue

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