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Read this if you are thinking of becoming a Ltd Co

Posted by woodman (woodman), 18 February 2004
Angry Angry Angry

Federation of small business press release:

"we cant be sure what is going to happen as the Chancellor has refused to shed light on the subject but the suspicion is that small companies will be forced to pay tax on dividends.

It is dissapointing that in Gordon Browns desperation to increase the 'tax take' he is ignoring the goverments own promise of being open and consulting people who will be affected."

This could happen as early as  April and has become known as 5:91, the paragraph deep in the chancellors report that first mentioned it and that he was hoping no one would notice Angry  the w **$£ r

I think we should all wait and see what happens before deciding to incorporate as the FSB has the backing from the Treasury Select Commitee to pressure the Goverment into releasing more on its intentions prior to the budget.
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 18 February 2004
Cheers for the heads up Woody

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 18 February 2004
Hi Woody

I just knew this was coming... he's a canny blighter.

I believe it was a deliberate ploy all along to drag people into a net, land them, then bleed them dry....


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