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supermarket ? car cleaning

Posted by gwrightson (gwrightson), 24 March 2004
well having read a number of posts on here
regarding waste water disposal ,it got me thinking Undecided
I dont know about all the different areas around the country but in my area there seems to have been an
increase in the number of mobile car cleaning operations , basicly there vans parked on supermarket carpark or simaler area , power washer out, foam ,chemicals etc all over the vehicles , a rinse over and hey presto  !!!! Where is all the waste going  how can they get away with this operation when no facilities
for waste available  Just a thought
p.s.  they all seem to be busy  ques all day long  Huh
Posted by jb_valet (jb_valet), 24 March 2004

This is my first time on with you guys and girls, i am a valeter using both traditional and now waterless products, in my area Surrey the council have canceled all the bucket and sponge guys in the council car parks after years of them being there quoting water disposal and waste issues, i wonder how long before other councils follow.

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