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00000&........s In yellow pages??

Posted by pre-vac_Nick (HolmansUKLTD), 4 April 2004
Hi all

I have enquired about a YP advert and asked  about the 00000s and ........s befoer the company name to place it nearer the front of YP rather than the usual alphabetical listing.
The sales lady said that i have to change my company name to ...............000000000. UK LTDHuh
Is this right??
Is she mad??
Can anyone enlighten me??


Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 5 April 2004
My trading name is A1 Deep Kleen, they insisted on proof that was true and was not just using it for priority placement, also the same with BT directories.
Posted by williamx (williamx), 5 April 2004
I think its a waste of time trying to be at the front of the telephone listings. Undecided

You will find that most people go for the nearest area code to their area and also adverts that project the right professional image Grin
Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 5 April 2004
Yep, thats what they told me last year, insisting that ads are in alphabetical order. Then put at least one ad, (alphabeticaly, should be after mine) on the first page.
Posted by allencarpetclean (Bob Allen), 5 April 2004
For years  I was near the front of yellow pages but as the years have gone past im gradually getting shuffled back by people putting dots and A1 etc infront of their names it does p### me off as none of them answer the phone with
"hello this is dot dot dot A1, Ist anything to get in the front carpet cleaners"
makes my blood boil!
You know who you are!
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 5 April 2004
I would imagine it is what you are told when you subscribe to How to Make It Big IN Carpet Cleaning


Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 5 April 2004
This year I've knocked the Y/P on the head I hav'nt even got a free line.

I decided it covers too big an area, I don't want to be working at the other side of town.

I'm putting all the money I've saved into reminder cards and leaflets.

from now on i'll tell all my customers to find my number in the normal white page, at least the won't have to look through all my competitors numbers to find me Wink

Posted by allencarpetclean (Bob Allen), 5 April 2004
Good idea Mike, im reducing my add this year and concentrating more on existing customers and referals.
I will still have to listen to some jumped up sales person from YP telling me i should increase not decrease this year but what do they know, they dont monitor the calls like we do......although they will tell you they do.
Posted by adl (dave555), 5 April 2004
This is the first year ive advertised in the yp i went daft with a half page in colour, business name begining with A and all that. When i was chatting with the sales rep in january this year he told me that it was all a-z listing but to make doubly sure i should change my letter head to ... ADL and then i would be guaranteed to be 1st in the yp. I did this and i am on page 4 after wrennals and service master and HSS hire Shops advertising rental machines. I rang the yp and put a complaint in that i was mis-sold this advertisment. They wrote back saying that there is no guarantee as to where you go in the listing as it is all computer generated, But they would as a gesture of goodwill (*ollocks) give me a refund of 1850.00 off my bill, i wrote back politely telling them where to shove it.
Dave ADL
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 5 April 2004
A 1850 discount!!! bloody hell how much was your advert?

a company I know spent 4500, thats 85 a week, thats a lot of money. I'd rather spend it on more direct ways of finding customers.

Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 5 April 2004
Cost for cost, the same money spent on YP spent elsewhere like a good leaflet campaign & direct  marketing techniques will always bring in significantly more revenue.

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