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Yellow Pages Response? C/Cleaners v's other trades

Posted by Cov_Cleaner (Cov_Cleaner), 10 January 2004
I know a lot of work is repeat business, built up over a number of years. But how are you doing for new jobs from Yellow Pages ads? I've got a column square box sized ad and I'm lucky if I get 1 call a week! Much the same with my weblink.

I decided to use my experience in electronics to start a TV/Video sales/rental business from home and to change my Yell weblink entry. I thought I'd be more busy with the carpet cleaning rather than dealing in used TV's these days!

Since the changeover on the phone ain't stopped!! The work is so much easier! Will continue with the carpets, but no more Yellow Pages.

Any other cleaners find Yellow Pages hard compared with friends in other tradesHuh
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 10 January 2004
Agree about the response from YELL.COM Shocked I get at least 5 calls a day via ( Including enquiries thru my website that have been on weblink on Not paying out for box ad in directory next year as it has only accounted for 6% of my new business. gives me 89% and the remaining 5% are from calls from vehicle sighting Tongue
Find that directory calls are from people at home all the time who want small/cheap job done. People who work in the city and spend all day on the pc and call for larger jobs to be done while they are at work. Nice early start with no one looking over your shoulder and slam door on the way out ( cheque in hand )Grin
Spend 800+ on directory and 250 on Huh  IT AINT ROCKET SCIENCE and i have learned my lesson. My pal is a builder who feels the same as me and we both are going to pull directory ads in YP and Thomson Local Wink Not sure if it is the same in different areas but we are both on outskirts of London and going in to carry out these jobs...................
Posted by petra (petra), 10 January 2004
I used both yell and thom, but find I get clusters of calls, maily domestic cleaning, but have had 2 commercials a one off big clean and a contract job, did try the web, but got I enquiry in a year, my vehicle signs work best for me, (but some little brat knicked them over christmas and the phone's have been dead, magnetic signs, had them for 2.5 years). Word of mouth does work well commercialy and so does direct marketing in my opinon.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 11 January 2004

I have just had my new van signwritten (vinyl lettering) and the cost (less than two hundred pounds) just has to be the cheapest form of advertising you can get.

The price includes both sides, front and rear lettering and includes some fancy logos....Money well spent say I

Thomsons in my area is a waste of money, YP (a necessary evil) brings in some work but a lot of price shoppers...I find the 'local' (and I mean local) papers far more cost effective.

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 12 January 2004
On the subject of Yellow pages I'm VERY UNHAPPY, I placed two adds costing 700 with them and instead of placing them under my business name which is what I requested they placed under my name. I phoned to complain and request someone look into it and I was told all they can do is offer me 5% off the price. I told them not to insult me and said I'd see them in court.

I'm in the process of speaking to lawyers, has anyone else had this problem?

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 12 January 2004
Alex , Whats the problem? are you saying if they had put them under your bissiness name they would have been closer to the front of the section, so you would get more calls?

is it worth the hassle speaking to solicitors over an 700 problem, if you take them to court and win what are you hoping to get.

the thing i don't like about the Y/P is the area they cover, its too big. I don't want people who live 20 miles away asking for qoutes.

this year I'm having the smallest ad possible and putting all my money into leaflets.

Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 12 January 2004
Yellow pages put my address as A1 Abbotts Rd instead of 41 and i got 40% discount on that advert. I also said i would never go with them again so they gave me a 2nd advert in adjoining area free Shocked
It pays to complain LOUDLY Angry plus i told them that one of my clients works for BBC Watchdog and they will love this.................................... Lips Sealed
Posted by Phil_@_Deep_Clean (Phil_@_Deep_Clean), 12 January 2004
You did well there Chris for such a small mistake.

I complained last year about problems with YP and only got 10%,  I agree Alex 5% is an insult, if you have proof that you asked for the advert to be in your company name just dont pay them, they will soon negotiate then.

Good luck anyway, I cant stand bad service, somtimes you can be lucky and have a sympathetic ear on the other end of the line and other times a right little Hitler who will argue all day with you and never give in.

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 12 January 2004

I have the same problem as Chris, I filled out paper work for Northern Clean and they put it in under the name Alex, the problem I have with this is there is a company in my area called Northern Contract cleaners and they've had 3 of my calls that I know about up to now.

I think I'll speak to Watchdaog and see if they will help in anyway.

Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 12 January 2004
40% discount was what they offered me as soon as i said i was not going to pay. Total of 323.36 knocked off bill Shocked
I dealt with Jenny Brett-Iveson (Customer Service Team) she may not be responsible for large enough area to be the one to help you but you never know. Wink
Posted by allencarpetclean (allencarpetclean), 12 January 2004
What really Pee's me off is all the carpet cleaners who are calling them selves ...carpet cleaners or A1 carpet cleaners to get to the front of the directory.
None of them actually say "hello this is dot dot dot carpet cleaners how may i help you"
Makes my blood boil!
Posted by Dave_Parry (Dave Parry), 12 January 2004
Ive just taken a  ad out with YP, (comes out Feb/Mar). The rep suggested that she put ... in front of my company name to get it nearer the front, and showed me in the present book some companies inc. Chemspec that had done that. Trouble is if everyone does that people will put more and more ............'s. Mind you I agreed to do it. so much for integrity.
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 13 January 2004
Seeing a lawyer today, however, I just spoke with Yellow pages and they tell me that they can't guarantee the positioning of anyone's ad - This mean's that Abby National could be put at the back of the banking section.

They told me 5% discount is for good will and not for the misplacement.

I'll totally pee'd off as I WAS going to place on ad with them next year and I wanted to go on - NO WAY NOW and I'm going to advise everyone of my problems with YP.

Alex Angry
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 13 January 2004
Being first in the directory listing isn't always a good thing. You may find that your category begins with one advert in the bottom right hand corner of the right side page. The following 2 pages are full of CC's and more likely to be read. The same can happen with the last in the listing if it's one ad. on it's own in the top left corner of the left side page. I think it's more important to have an eye catching advert in the area of the listing which guarantees being seen. The middle.

Also, most people are right handed. How do most people use a directory? By flicking through the pages backwards!

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Posted by Kinver_Clean (Kinver_Clean), 14 January 2004
Starting with a 'K' I am in the middle of the section in YP. I have put a picture of me rather than a sketch, the reponse to the ad is about 20% up and from the right types of customer. I am cutting the size next year as the cost is getting too much although I get a good response ( about 30% of the jobs, the rest split betwwen repeat and referrals.)
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 14 January 2004
WinkI took out last year in december,it was not untill august we noticed a very big mistake,they did not
invoice us till august,we forgot about the add Huh
they put wrong phone number,and stuck my website on someone else in kent, ShockedI refuse to pay now they have corrected it,and gave me a free year SmileyI am taking out more book adds this year they come out in march,
I hope all will be well Huh

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