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Has everyone gone mad!Message Attached

Posted by Fox (Fox), 26 January 2004
Is it just me or do some of the people posting at the moment seem to be on something! Huh

I'm always up for a laugh, but it seems things are going crazy!
Posted by shinebright (shinebright), 26 January 2004
I looked at the number of new members and thought that this site was thriving. I have since realised that we have attracted many people with split personalities who are unable to post under one user name.

I agree.

This site will be ruined if these idiots are allowed to continue.
Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 26 January 2004
not me.
But some of the posts are far out  Huh Huh Huh Huh
Posted by stepheng (peggyc), 26 January 2004
As a new member I must agree some of the posts seem to be a little off the beaten track, however I think we should all gather our thoughts and look to help those members whom express themselves in a less than conventional manner.

After all we are all in this together
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 27 January 2004
Lets keep it clean Wink Cheesy Grin Smileyexcuse the pun!
Posted by woodman (woodman), 27 January 2004
Hi Guys

Unfortunately after receiving complaints drawing our attention to some of the postings on here I have had to remove several due to the content and nature of the 'discussion'.

Please remember that this board is here to supply advice,shared knowledge on a given subject and to encourage new or nearly new starters. Along with supplying some cleaners the opportunity of obtaining new work through leads supplied on here,we have also been able to resolve some disputes between cleaners and clients.

Some new posters are obviously trying to divert some of our more established members in a different direction .I would ask you not to respond †but inform myself or forum admin and we will remove them with immediate effect.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking those members who brought this matter to our attention.

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 27 January 2004
Hi Fox,

I agree with you about some posts, however, at the end of the day this site is a forum to ask questions about everything and anything to help new people start and run a cleaning business. I hope I've helped a couple of people on here as I've gained alot of knowledge from others.

I think we've got some good people running the site so they'll ensure no-one can ruin this site.

Posted by cleaning (cleaning), 27 January 2004
To all that are concerned,

I agree this board should be here to help new starters and to exchange info and advice, some of which has, been good some not so good.

However, I for one am glad to see some humour brought to the board.

The board can become stale with many of the same questions being asked and the same answers given.

The posts you are concerned about are obviously ment in gest and should be taken as such.

Lifes to short.

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 27 January 2004

I haven't been able to keep as up to date with the site over the last few days as I normally would but it does seem that there are a couple of members (or maybe just the one who logs in using different user names) that are causing problems.
Stephen Gary seems to have taken offence at being removed and has rejoined under several names and continues to post irrelevent / sarcastic / offensive material. He clearly doesnt have enough work to keep him busy and entertains himself by wasting other peoples time. Sooner or later he'll get fed up and we'll be able to carry on as before.
Please continue to notify us if we don't spot these posts before you do.


Mike Boxall
Posted by petra (petra), 27 January 2004
I do agree that some replies are uncalled for, but a bit of humor goes along way that is why I started a post full of humor.
Posted by Fox (Fox), 27 January 2004
Petra: I really enjoyed your post about us cleaners and had a right laugh, it was great.

You're all right that humour on the forum is a great thing and we all need the lightheartedness of it after a long slog at work.

When I started this thread I was more annoyed with the fact of someone logging on continuously with different user names.  Having a laugh on a thread is all very fine but ruining other peoples serious threads with stupid comments is not, especially when masquerading  to do it.

There are plenty of chat forums out there for people to use, why let the odd strange person ruin this one.

Just my opinion
Posted by DP (DP), 27 January 2004
Forums are very hard to moderate, and it's a rotten job really, as who is to say what is right and wrong (except the obvious). They all need interesting content to survive, just go look around and you will see hundreds of dead ones which didnít manage it. †

Not accounting for the outright idiots, often the line between moral, humorous, interesting and offensive is very thin and calls for some tough and soul searching decisions which invariably upsets someone.

Humour is extremely important as it is the one subject that allows personalities to be expressed freely and breaks down the social barriers amongst other things, (so lets not lose it)

However even this has issues as it depends on peoples concept of humour which is as individual as we are.

The most common issue to cause trouble is a "wind up" great so ban all "wind ups" thatís easy. Well it would be but what is a wind up? if we could define that the rules would be easy to follow.

However most posters know when they are pushing it or wrecking topics and so does everybody else, so I guess there is no big suprise when posts get pulled.

Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 27 January 2004
As we would say up here "Hail Hail" to the woodman  Wink

Ive been in the cleaning game for 4 1/2 years, and have still picked up some tips on this form. And its also good to pass on information to other cleaners that ask in the correct manner.

"Clean it up" or clean out thats what i say! Wink Wink
Posted by Auto_Groom (Auto_Groom), 27 January 2004
im not saying nothing im only a new member. so Quitely does it for me.
Posted by Les (Les), 27 January 2004
Blimey, I'm new to this forum and find it of great help.
I do have a dry sense of humour, (can't help it, it runs in my family). I spent too long in my old job, stressed and miserable before discovering the joys of cleaning.
You all seem a friendly bunch and I wouldn't intend to offend anyone.
Apologies if I have. Embarassed
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 27 January 2004
Have just had another email from someone who 'demands to know why Stephen Gary was banned'  and 'do you know what he's done for the industry' Roll Eyes

DP's post summed it up well but I'd like to add to it anyway.

We all appreciate good humour (but then maybe he was serious about the truckmounted kentucky mopping system!!) but within a few hours of joining he had posted other material which was unquestionably offensive and had to be removed.

Had he been an existing member and already posted at least something constructive we would have just edited it and emailed him to let him know.

Unfortunately, no-one has time to watch the site all day long concerned that someone may post something offensive. A lot of genuine people spend time here helping others and to join to just wind people up is not acceptable. Unfortunately, as we get more members I'm sure this sort of thing will happen more and more.

At the end of the day you can please some of the people all the time. all the people some of the time but you can't please all the people all the time!!


Posted by DP (DP), 29 January 2004
It seems that maybe some of our non offensive members have more then one identity on here as well. My question is "why"?? (what am I missing) †please dont answer all at once. †Wink

I certainly know of †one member that could make good use of 2 identities †Grin †but Im not telling as I hear that retribution can be long and painfull. †Lips Sealed

Posted by petra (petra), 29 January 2004
some people feel the need to hide.................

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