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Obtaining additional work when estimating

Posted by woodman (woodman), 2 October 2003
I do far more home visits  than estimates over the phone.
I know this might fly in the face of a lot of what you may have been told but  I find that I can obtain additional work if I actualy visit the home and speak face to face.

When asked to price for carpet cleaning Iwill also make a note of other flooring areas ie hard floor,Amtico etc and when I send them the estimate for carpet cleaning I also price for these areas seperately.They have the option to take you up on it or not but if asked why I have done this I just say it's for future reference.

It's amazing the amount of people who will decide to have this work done.

Its the same for upholstery, rugs, stain proofing etc there is always something you can add to the estimate as an 'optional extra 'with out the hard sell.

Simple and it works. Wink
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 2 October 2003
Hi Woodman I do the same when going out to price for window cleaning work when I go to price up the windows I also put a price for the frames, gullies and  conservatories  to be cleaned too, I find that with this I put across to the customer that there are other services I can offer the customer in the future.
All the best
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 2 October 2003
Hi Guys

This is the best way to do it.... I call it 'subliminal' selling as against hard better.

Another matter what volume of work I do I NEVER discount my cleaning prices. To me this is effectively talking a price cut.

What I do is offer additional sales at a discount i.e. protection treatments etc.  The discount I offer is down to me and is related to volume.


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