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Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 20 February 2004
Apart from the cut price merchants, how often do you receive a leaflet promoting carpet cleaning  in your area?

Ive lived in downmarket and up market areas and cant recall seeing one
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 20 February 2004
Hi Ian

I live four miles outside of Leicester and I get a leaflet drop (Carpet/Uphol) about every three/four months

I would imagine that there are areas in central Leicester that get targeted a lot more frequently as that's where most of the 'Poundstretcher' shoppers are

Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 20 February 2004
I live and work in and around Devon.
We have a leaflet every 2/3 months but always by the same national company (you know the one 15 for a lounge)
But I know a few people that have used them and it always ends up costing more. Huh

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 20 February 2004
I see a leaflet about every 6 weeks usually a chemdry or other local cleaner, I see  'homecare' every 3 months

i have the  biggest leaflet collection in the world Grin

Posted by Scots_cleaner (Scots_cleaner), 20 February 2004
bet you  steal all the best bits for yourself mike

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 20 February 2004
Barry most of the leaflets I see are crap!

a mate of mine has just started up and has being following some basic leaflet rules with his leaflet, and he's had about 10 jobs with only 400 leaflets Shocked Shocked

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 20 February 2004
Hi Ian

Never, we only get merchants and I live in a reasonable affluent area, they are also Pound stretcher.


Posted by Novice (Ian Gale), 20 February 2004
What are the golden rules of a good leaflet Mike ?
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 20 February 2004
Looks like we were all up early today.

What is the size of your print runs when you have leaflets done.

I order 15k a month because of cash flow.
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 24 February 2004
Ian , sorry for not answering sooner, Its simple.

1) put your name & address on it and only have them delivered within 4 miles of your home

2) put testimonials on it from local companies not individuals ( people will think you made them up if they don't reconise the name)

3)have them delivered to the same house every 4 weeks, for ever

4) give a retired person discount Grin  50% of my customer are OAPs, they live in bungalows, and the carpet don't get a lot of foottraffic or bad stains so they are usually an easy clean

use a well designed one colour leaflet, it will pull in as much work as a full colour

these 5 pionts are just my opinion  Wink


Ps I get 20,000 at a time so i can make minor changes if i want, i once bought 50,000 and chucked most of them because i decided to put up my prices Roll Eyes
Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 24 February 2004
Mike how many leaflets do you get delivered per month?

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 24 February 2004
4200 a week by a leaflet company and i put out aprox 500-600 myself so about 19,000 a month.

this has kept me be as busy through jan & feb as it was in the xmas rush Shocked.

from now on my marketing is going to be almost solely leaflets. They are even working as reminder cards because I have them delivered to the same homes every 4 weeks all my existing customer are getting them as well, so they never forget me.

Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 24 February 2004
I think thats a really good idea, no reminder cards or newsletters are needed constant work when you want it and where you want it and no real database or computer input headache.

I like it, how much does leaflet distribution cost? do you still do 5 around?

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 24 February 2004
Shaun, 17/1000.  yes I still do five around (when i remember) but I've been a bit lazy over the last few weeks, I tend to let things slide when i'm busy.

I've just had 1000 reminder cards printed by Vistaprint
( I'm sending them out to the customers who live in the areas that does'nt get a leaflet) they look brilliant Grin I'll show you one on monday and they only cost 15 Shocked :

Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 24 February 2004
Mike do you go out and quote all of your jobs ( I know  upholstery is a must )?

How many cleaning enquiries and also jobs do you aim for out of the 5000 leaflets you send per week?

As you can tell I'm intreged

Posted by Novice (Ian Gale), 26 February 2004
Thanks for the advice Mike.  Its really interesting to hear how other CC market their bussiness. What works for them and of course what does not.

Thanks again Mike.
Posted by leerob695 (leerob695), 4 March 2004
just picked up 10000 leaflets from my local printer and i found out that there is one company out there that has on avarage 400000 printed per month for all over the country you know the one i mean "clean all your house for 3.50 sort of thing"
just think how much 400000 leaflets a month cost to have delivered and try and work out how the hell they make any money with the prices they charge
Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 4 March 2004
Watch out for a 1/2 price blitz coming our way soon!

Posted by leerob695 (lee robinson), 4 March 2004
if the leaflet is blue and white with 50% off in 2 stars at the top corners those are the leaflets i am on about it is a company based in leeds
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 6 March 2004
I know the discussion has wandered off the original question a bit but just for the record.
I live in Pinner (North west London) and I haven't seen a leaflet through my door for literally years!

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