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Do I need a seal for a wood floor

Posted by md_cleaning_york (md_cleaning_york), 13 January 2004
I have a pub contract and have been asked to polish the floor.The floor is wood but unpolished .Do I need to put a seal down first then polish.I have polished wood floors before but they have always had polish down alredy.Can anyone advise please
Apologies for using the word polish rather a lot
Posted by Fox (Fox), 14 January 2004

Was the floor sealed when it was it was laid?  Lots of types of polish can be used as a type of seal also but unfortunately this only usually applies to linoleum, thermoplastc, terrazzo etc.  

When it comes to wood and cork I would say seal it first as this will reinforce the surface.

However you can wax an unsealed wood floor, which will protect and polish.  I recommend you seek the advice of express cleaning for suitable products.

Hope this helps
Posted by md_cleaning_york (md_cleaning_york), 14 January 2004
thanks for that will do i know the floor hasnt been sealed since the present landlord has been in will take your advice

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