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Winspray Gun - Unger Hi-Flo .. or other

Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 1 February 2004
hey guys

am looking into investing in some kit (pure water is out of budget).

Specificlly for cleaning conservatory roofs - soffits/facias - cladding - guttering and complete consevatory's etc..

Any advice on a recommended system greatly appreciated.

Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 1 February 2004
A short and long pole, an angle adaptor and a brush(you have to  agitate the dirt) something to spray on algae reomover and upvc cleaner and a hosepipe to rinse, is about the cheapest . I wouldnt do a complete conservatory ( especially if its not been done before for less than say £100) Depending on size. oh and watch out for tree sap its time consuming and needs a pree soak with an "orange" cleaner. It helps if you can get your feet up to gutter level with mobile steps or scaffolding, but not absolutely neccessary. I also would not recommend doing the inside of the roof.
Posted by shinnyshinner (Alan  shinnyshinner), 1 February 2004
Hi anderclean,
I was looking into the winspray and the hi-flo about 4 months ago and with the research with the forum and talking to different suppliers went for the winspray, I brought mine from wintecs.
The winspray are developing different accessories and the PDIS water purifier should be coming out in the UK soon which should be a good bit of kit I have seen a proto type so watch this space looks good but the cartridge refills on cost need to be looked at first before diving in.
So far my winspray equipment consists off
Winspray gun,
Liquid chemical delivery system (LCDS)
Silencer extensions (2 in a pack a must)
100ft hose
Hose reel
The winspray brushes
Total so far £284.81 as you can see outlay is quite a bit for the system, but up to you the winspray once used will need polishing of as not purified water as will leave water spotting. Below is the link for winspray and talks on forum.

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 1 February 2004
I wouldn't bother with the unger high-flow kit.  Its rubbish.  I bought one, and the brush is so heavy it is very difficult to control.  Also the bristles are "feathered" so hold all the dirt.  It is so heavy that it has bent the small pole section I used with it.  Not very well made at all.

You'd be better off with a pole from anywhere, and making your own water fed brush.

I'd estimate :

5m pole - £30
brush head - £6
hoses - £15,
fittings - £10ish.

About £61 altogether, whereas the unger Hi-flo is £100.

Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 2 February 2004
thanks guys and especially shinnyalan for those links etc.

The winspray does look good ............ do you get a lot of back splashing with it ?

Can you clean soffits/facia and guttering ?
Posted by shinnyshinner (Alan  shinnyshinner), 3 February 2004
Hi anderclean
You can adjust a pinch valve in the 1/4 inch hose to reduce spray back not to bad though unless you are standing right under spray.
For my set up I am looking to buy the Unger Pole it has 4 or 5 attachments for around £100 to reach up to 40ft more then enough to reach fasia and eve's
It all depends on what image you want to send out but I personally would not turn up to one of my jobs with a hose pipe attached to a pole but each to their own.
it is a good bit of kit alot of my customers talk about it and once I have the filter purifier will look well smart

Posted by james44 (james44), 3 February 2004
hi alan  what is your kit like and where can you buy unger poles to reach 40 ft at £100,  how have you attached you waterfed hose, and how do you pump the water up your pole
Posted by shinnyshinner (Alan  shinnyshinner), 4 February 2004
Hi James44
I have started buying a lot of my equipment from the window clean centre you can call Darrell for the free catalogue on 0800 413512 or email
they stock winspray equipment and the Unger poles.
I brought my winspray equipment from Wintecs they are very reasonable here is the link for winspray equipment they sell
Hope this helps

Posted by james44 (james44), 4 February 2004
thanks alan very helpful.

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