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any ex-bootnecks out there!

Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 5 March 2004
any ex-bootnecks out there!
 they seem to be everywhere else i go, and did you ever imagine doing this while you was in the corps?
Posted by cleaner_windows (mark-gee), 6 March 2004
yep i am.
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 6 March 2004
you' d be surprised to hear that i am too!
Posted by poleman (PoleMan), 6 March 2004
sorry lads not geting this what is a boot Neck Huh



fed memebr
Posted by matt (matt), 6 March 2004
got to be a army thing

infantry soldier P.haps
Posted by cleaner_windows (mark-gee), 7 March 2004
ex royal marines, bootneck is an alternative.
Posted by matt (matt), 7 March 2004
i was close  Wink
Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 7 March 2004
crap hats the lot of ya
Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 7 March 2004
can you all remember filling the sink with boiling hot water dipping ya berry into it and then shapeing it up that takes me  back a few years i can tell ya  
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 7 March 2004
as time goes on i get more sentimental about it.
Must be a sign of impending mid life crisis,
Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 7 March 2004
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 7 March 2004
do you ever wish you had no bills ,no family to look after etc etc etc.... all your cooking done for you, always somewhere to sleep, travelling the world loads of money when back in uk, oh i wish those days had never ended!
    Anyone else feel the same?
Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 7 March 2004
24712926 Royal Signals 1985 but too many days in jail for me. we used to lose a days pay if you got jailed and youd get either 2 cigarettes or a mars bar. i was penniless after 6 months and quit Embarassed
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 7 March 2004
24878094 . I hate the numbers game, Looks like I'm making the brews up to now. How do you have yours.....nato? Roll Eyes
Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 7 March 2004
feel the same    feel the same   jeysus mary and joseph i tink you said it all
Posted by Willy (Willy), 8 March 2004
Hi ex- Matelot here! (Kilik Stoker) Mean anything to anyone? As for the fines I know what you mean, I was out of pocket in the end up! But hey what a life!
Posted by Neil (wylie), 8 March 2004
24596684 Royal corps of Signals.  out in 84

from your number I reckon you must have joined up mid 70s (maybe 76?)
am I close?
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 8 March 2004
hey jolly jack, you re not from Gus by any chance?
Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 8 March 2004
spot on wylie may 11 1976
Posted by Neil (wylie), 8 March 2004
I joined up Nov 79
Trained in sunny Catterick then Aldershot Smiley
Oh Happy days

were you like me? came out to make your fortune  Huh Smiley
Posted by Wishy-Washy_window (Mikey Y), 8 March 2004
EX matelot also kilik tas rate,1978 / 1988, now washing glass in sunny Spain, beats standing on the gangway all night for peanuts thats for sure.

Mikey Y

Posted by paddy_magintey (paddy_magintey), 8 March 2004
cattrick hey anzio qebeck alamain Wink Wink
Posted by Willy (Willy), 8 March 2004
on 03/08/04 at 18:58:28, sw_windows wrote:
hey jolly jack, you re not from Gus by any chance?

Don't live in Guz now but used to, also Pompey, but finised my time off in Guz then moved. I could see the Dock Yard from my bedroom window. TOO Close! But I really like Guz just too far from everything else.

Hi also to Mikey Y, yes mate I bet you don't miss QM's duties. Is there much work in Spain for WC's?
I'm only out a couple of years but found it difficult to settle and hated the rat race. People take themselves too seriously and get upset over nothing. I'm only starting out in WC'n but it pays better than my trade (Spark) and I love the freedom of work fitting around my life instead of the other way around. Don't want to go on too much in case I get kicked off for making this site sound like Friends Reunited!
Take care Willy

Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 11 March 2004
      ex saltash road, keyham, just down the road from the Royal Naval (or Navy) arms. have nt been on a run ashore in gus for years, maybe if i go back back it might spoil the good memorys.
Posted by Willy (Willy), 12 March 2004
Hi SW, oh yes the Keyham, start off in there after scran. But I'm not going down the strip as I'm duty tomorrow, Where have you heard that before? Then its a taxi, stop at the cash point followed by the Twigs, Jesters and Blondes,wake up beside some "Queen" in the morning not knowing what part of town your in, hoping against all odds you weren't able to perform and that no one you know saw you leaving with her,saying never again! I bet you have a few old T-shirts with that on it!
And what about the Avondale? Its got topless barmaids now! 9 Pinters! I seen it on the TV not so long ago.
Ahaa the memories are flooding back.
Posted by As-New_Cleaning (As-New_Cleaning), 12 March 2004
Where is Guz?

Posted by Neil (wylie), 12 March 2004
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 12 March 2004
oh yes !  Grin
                  sounds very very familiar,aah the good old days.
    Avondale topless barmaids, whats going on?i hope its not harrys wife though. Its certainly gone up market then. I  wonder if the Carousel is still open i ve pulled some right Mooses in there, buts its a cheap night if you live 200 yards away! Tongue
Posted by Willy (Willy), 13 March 2004
If you mean Harry the old bloke who owned it I think it said he died last year, as far as going up market, well you obviously didn't see the barmaids! I didn't realise women could get brewers drop! When they were reaching the pints over the bar it looked like a puppy having a drink!
Now the CAR-OU-SEL theres a night spot no one should miss the experience of. That used to be part of your "ones" task book. It wasn't as much "Grab a Granny" as the granny's grabing the young lads. They were the type of women even your Dad warned you about. Oh yes many a Sunday morning I walked back to Drake wondering if it had really happened. Mind you them having teeth they could take out had its up side! I'll leave you with that thought, bet you can't get that image out of your head all day!
Posted by Willy (Willy), 13 March 2004
on 03/12/04 at 10:03:05, As-New_Cleaning wrote:
Where is Guz?


Darren is that a "bite"? you'll be asking me where Liegh Park is next!

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