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Marketing Courses Are they Good?

Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 21 October 2003
Hello People,
I am looking for a decent marketing course, i know pro-clean do a step by step business course and All tech also do a year long marketing course but before i spend my hard earned cash i wondered if any of you have 1st hand expierence of them?? i know these 2 guarantee you 1000 per week after the 1st year providing you follow the instructions strictley, if there a less expensive way or is it the old carpet cleaners saying you get what you pay forHuh

Thanks Huh Pre- Vac man
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 21 October 2003
Hi Mr Pre-Vac man

Both Proclean and Alltec programmes are allegedly very good providing you follow each step through to the end.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

Many carpet cleaners work their own programmes very effectively from leaflets (not everyones cup of tea), mailshots, Telesales, advertising... or maybe a bit of each

Posted by woodman (woodman), 21 October 2003
I don't know about your area Derek,

But I picked up my new YP the other day and it's full of  carpet cleaners using the Joe Polish method of advertising.I mean how many consumer lines can you ring.
Mrs Smith rings one she's rang the lot .It seems a lottery as to who gets the work and who doesn't using this method but what do I know I guess it works or they all wouldn't be at it.

It's nearly as bad as the Chem-Dry ad's Grin
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 22 October 2003
Hi Mr W

I do so agree...

This is a personal comment....
Some of the standard letters put out by these organisations are really awful.. If I opened a letter and saw the layout I would stop right there and bin it!!!

My favourite gripe is the use of the PS (Post script)... not just one PS but several PPS, PPPS, PPPS.

Now if you are handwriting then there is a reason for a PS but not in the world of the PC where text can be so easily changed.

Its so Gimmicky...  sorry but I want to look and be professional and that isn't it.

That's me off my soapbox... sorry if I have offended anyone...this was not my intention...just a personal observation on my part.

Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 22 October 2003
so it seems so far to try to do your own marketing 1st via leaflets, mailshots etc before going into one of these marketing courses?

any other comments from people who have been on these orcurrantly on these marketing programmes would be great Grin


Posted by Tony_Browning (Tony_Browning), 22 October 2003
I wonder what the possibilities are of having a section in marketing on this site where we can all post marketing material, forms etc relating to the cc industry?
Kind Rgds
Tony  Roll Eyes
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 22 October 2003
we are expanding.... wouldn't having all items under specialist banners dilute the main section?

Just a thought Huh

Posted by Fintan_Coll (Fintan_Coll), 23 October 2003
Before I went into the cleaning I spent many years as a salesman, thought I knew a lot about sales but had to learn marketing all over again. Joe P olish was the best marketing investment I ever made.
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 28 October 2003

I notice you mentioned tele sales.

Although we have written our own script I wondered if you new the source of any.

Howard Partridge seems to have them for inward calls but I have not noticed any for outward.


PS looks an interesting site but not all that easy to get into user  name password. or to get into forum.

PPS   I might have a different opinion when I get use to

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 28 October 2003
Hi Ian

I don't use tele-sales as part of my business... I am afraid I get annoyed by other people doing it to me therefore I will not inflict it on anyone else.

That's purely a personal view but I know of Company's who use tele-sales very effectively

Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 28 October 2003
Pre Vac,
I know of a few carpet cleaners, who when new to the trade did the Alltec Fast Track program. They have been charging top prices, from day one, but openly admit that but for attending Fast Track they would probably have started out as 25 a  room cleaners.

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