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Cleaning a muddy car Waterless?

Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 30 August 2003
Dear Admin
With reference to your query about excessively dirty cars, we have a number of products. Our Crystalcar is the paint protector which treats the dirty surface of the car by reacting with the dirt wrapping a protective layer of wax around it therefore when you are wiping the dirt off you are not scratching the surface.  
For a mud caked car, we would first use our universal cleaner to soak the mud etc. You wipe the excess off. Then when most of the dirt is removed you use Crystalcar to finish off.  
The products are very inexpensive. i.e. to clean a reasonably dirty car inside & out costs aprox. 1.50. Universal cleaner is very cheep.  
To clean wheel arches, Universal cleaner will lift off the dirt. In this instance a pressure wash is quicker but on the whole the waterless system far out performs water cleaning!  
With any kind of cleaning it is the labour content that is the largest part of the cost, our Waterless products gives a far superior clean in less time.  
We are not competing with the auto wash service which is cheep and quick. These are not kind to paintwork, We are comparable to the car hand valet service which is charged at a premium.  
We are in the process of signing deals with car park operators so the service has to be quick as well as effective.  

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