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Vacuum hose

Posted by cleanability (cleanability), 8 February 2004
I'm a carpet cleaning sole trader in the Welsh valleys. Anyone know where I can buy 1.5 inch dia vacuum hose. I dont want the hose assembly   ie the solution hose as well.......just the vacuum hose.   It's the vac hose that disintegrates not the solution hose. Always handy as well to repair machines and crushed hoses.   I'm thinking maybe 50ft eg  
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 8 February 2004
Try the site sponser - Express Cleaning.

Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 8 February 2004
Apparently Omnipole ( 0208 405 6782 ) do 2 inch for 4 a metre so should do 1 1/2 inch even cheaper , Old- master is the man to speak to .

Mark Wink
Posted by cleanability (cleanability), 8 February 2004
thanks    I'll try them   cheers

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