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Unger Liquid!

Posted by nigrub (nigrub), 29 October 2003
Have been using SYR GlimmerClean for a bit and quite like it - better than fairy & less suds Cool
But told that Unger liquid is better again and more economical to use Grin
Anybody out there got any experience of using the two? Undecided
Oh, and I don't like GG3 before you start!! Shocked Lips Sealed
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 29 October 2003
I have tried most liquids and at the moment am using GG4 (but you don`t want to know that)  Are you using the  Unger liquid or the Gel I have used the liquid it has a nice smell and is about 11 per 5 ltr , the Gell is about 3 per 500ml, the Ettore squeegee off is quite good and  is about 5 per 500ml and 20 +per 5ltr in the end it`s all down to personal choice  Cool
Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 29 October 2003
I've used unger liquid but didn't like it. I orderd 12 5ltr bottles expecting it to be good, But me and my lads could not get used to it. The sqeege used to slide ok but it was very hard to see were you were up to and you had to keep window realy wet. I'm back on g4 now and the windows look a lot cleaner.
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 30 October 2003
I`ve used Ungers liquid but didn`t find it very strong. You do have to really soak the window to get it clean. Haven`t used Glimmerclean or Ettore`s so wouldn`t know but would be interested to find how they compare.  Gerry

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